About the Company

When was Nissha founded?

The business was launched in 1929 and the company was founded in 1946.

What is the origin of the Company name "Nihon Shashin Insatsu"?

Nissha's Japanese company name is "Nihon Shashin Insatsu" which was derived from the fact that Kyoto City serves as a center of education in Japan ("Nihon"), and the ambitiousness of attempting photographic printing ("shashin insatsu"), which at the time required advanced techniques.
The philosophy of our founder Naoki Suzuki, "Anybody can do type printing. Let's do high class printing which no other company does.", can be also be seen in our company name.

Where can I find information about group businesses?

Please refer to "Nissha Group".

What kind of environmental and social contribution activities does Nissha do?

Please refer to "Sustainability".

Where can I find information about corporate governance?

Please refer to "Corporate Governance" and our "Nissha Report".

About Business and Management Strategy

What is Nissha's main business?

Nissha is developing the 4 business areas of "Industrial Materials" ,"Devices" ,"Life Innovation"and "Information & Communication". We handle decorative films and printing related materials field comprising "IMD" and "Metallized Paper" as the main products in our Industrial Materials business, and the touch input device "FineTouch" series and Gas Sensors in our Devices business. In our Life innovation business, we handle medical devices and consumable productsin the North and Central America and Europe and the Information & Communication business, we provide printing media and a wide range of services that support general communication strategies, on a one-stop basis.
Please see "Business" pages for more details.

What are Nissha's characteristics and strengths?

All of the company's businesses are built on unique technology cultivated on a foundation of printing and are superior due to our high technological capabilities. We have received the trust of our customers by responding appropriately to the needs of the global market while constructing a global network in timely fashion.
Please see "What's Nissha" for more details.

What is the Company's medium-term management strategy?

What kinds of things are there among the risks that may potentially influence the performance of the Company?

Please refer to "Business Risks and Other Risks" in MD&A included in "Nissha Report".

About the Settlement of Accounts and Financial Information

I would like to know the most recent corporate results.

When is the end of Nissha’s fiscal year?

December 31. The Company change the fiscal year end date from March 31 to December 31 at 2017.

What is the date of the next announcement of financial results?

Please refer to "IR Calendar".

About Company Stock

What is Nissha's securities code in Japan?

The securities code is 7915.

On what stock exchanges is Nissha listed?

Nissha is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchanges.

What is the unit of share transactions?


What is the confirmation date for shareholders for the payment of dividends? Also, I would like to know the situation for the payment of dividends.

As a transitional period to implement the change, the fiscal year starting from April 1, 2017, is nine months from April 1,2017 to December 31, 2017. In the fiscal year starting from April 1, 2017, the company pays dividends to shareholders entered in the final list of shareholders at the end of December, 2017 and the end of September, 2017. Since 2018, the company pays dividends to shareholders entered in the final list of shareholders at the end of June and the end of December. Please refer to "Dividend Information" for more information.

When is the General Meeting of Shareholders held?

The General Meeting of Shareholders is held in March every year. As the Company change the fiscal year end date, the event date change from June to March.

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