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Turn Key System

Nissha supplies a convenient "Turn Key Solution" which, allows for immediate use by customers. All the processes from the design of various molded parts to mass production are controlled by Nissha. Nissha offers an optimal process selection and system to assist customers, while taking on secondary tasks of communications and operations within each enterprise. Customers can therefore monitor the processes after making an order to Nissha, which facilitates follow-ups to production planning. Of course, Nissha itself can supply products as a molding manufacturer and also is ready for supplying discrete products such as IMD foils, molds, and foil feeding units. Products are supplied in order to provide maximum advantage to the customer's production.

IMD molding

IMD foil

Printing is performed by a gravure printing method. A hard coat layer (functional layer) and color layers (graphic layer) are printed onto the film. Generally up to 6 or 7 colors are used. Using "pro" printing technology allows for the use of colors exceeding the number above.

It is also possible to produce a metal foil by depositing a thin layer of metal on a base film by the vacuum deposition method. This world leading technology enables us to deposit the metal substance onto the roll form of film as long as 1,000 m in a few hours.

The technology of this vacuum deposition method has received attention from industrial designers around the world, as a means for reproducing high-level designs.

Trend Meets Technology--
Where trends of the world meet, with Nissha's technology. This is IMD.

IMD mold

IMD mold

IMD absolutely requires high-precision molds for plastic molding. It is the high-dimensional compatibility between the IMD foil for design reproduction, and the IMD mold for resin insertion that enables the emergence of products eagerly desired by global designers.

Nissha makes possible the decoration of various 3D shapes through the accumulation of mold production technology in Japan, which leads the way in mold technology. Nissha's mold processing technology continues to lead the industry with super fine-end finishing technology used in LCD windows of mobile phones and optical products.

<Mold production and supply areas>
Production areas: Japan, China
Supply areas: Whole world

Foil feeder

Foil feeder

A foil feeder is designed to feed IMD foil into the mold. Nissha has a lineup of products ranging from 200-mm-wide to 650-mm-wide.

More than 3,000 foil feeders are currently playing an active role around the world, decorating various plastic products.

Molding technology

Molding technology

IMD molding requires an expertise which conventional molding technology (plastic molding technology that does not perform decoration) does not have.

By employing full-use of know-how and optimizing the melting temperature of plastic, injection speed and other parameters, industrial products of a higher color and design standard can be molded. Reliable molding technology is required to make possible the shift of manual procedures, conventionally realized only by craftsmen, to mass production.

<Nissha's services related to molding>
  • Technological and quality control guidance for molding manufacturers
  • Nissha's supply of molded parts serving as a molding manufacturer