Medical Technologies

Technology for Assurance, Easy Living, Better Health

Medical Technologies aims to contribute to safe, secure, and healthy life worldwide through business activities in the fields of innovative medical devices and consumable products manufacturer. Medical Technologies business offers manufacture and sale of our own Vermed brand products to medical institutions, while also providing contract manufacturing services for major medical device manufacturers.
We plan the business expansion for the wide product fields and markets in future.

Medical Devices Brand ーVermedー

Consumable patient monitoring and diagnostic products

ECG Electrodes

ECG Electrodes

Vermed manufactures and distributes a wide range of dependable, consumable medical products, including Disposable products, Medical Chart Paper.
Quality and service are refined with designs based on equipment manufacturer specifications and customer performance criteria.
With a Graphic Controls Group history of excellence dating back to 1909 and a future of innovation in patient monitoring and medical surgical consumables and devices, we have you covered. At the heart of every Vermed product is our commitment to quality and service. Together, we advance patient care.

*Vermed is a registered trademark or a trademark of Nissha Co., Ltd.

Medical Devices Contract Manufacturing Brand ーBiomedical Innovationsー

The contract manufacturer of custom surgical and medical devices for industry

As a leader in complete medical device contract manufacturing, Biomedical Innovations, we manufacture and sell complete line of Custom Medical Devices including: Wearable Devices and surgical instruments. We deploy a one partner strategy to work with our customers every stop of the way.

*Biomedical Innovations products are currently not produced and sold in Japan.
*Biomedical Innovations is the brand of Medical Device Contract Manufacturing which is the business of Graphic Controls Group, the group company of Nissha Co., Ltd.


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Concept and Prototype
Providing creative solutions through innovative project management and prototyping.
Design and Development
Cost effective design consultation with a total focus on manufacturability.
Engineering and Regulatory
Multi-disciplined technical staff with years of medical device experience.
Quality and Reliability
Precision technologies, components and processes ensuring reliability and repeatability.
Distribution and Fulfillment
Range of flexible value-added planning and logistics services to meet your needs.
Manufacturing and Scalability
Global footprint for economical contract manufacturing

Manual Assembly
Fast turnaround, Small volume runs, Rapid response to changes
Semi Automation
Full validation, Flexible automation platforms, Maximize output for optimized cost
Full Automation
Balancing cost and quantity, Alignment with launch plans, Seamless transition to automation

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