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iPad App Development

Development Aim

Our Information and Communication business has provided expression solutions in response to the needs of our customers utilizing websites, videos, as well as printing and other forms of media.
We continue to strive to offer expression solutions utilizing a wide range of media to provide one-stop support for our customers' communication strategies.
As part of this endeavour, we have developed an iPad application called "TimeController".

Development Aim

Description of the App


Enjoy viewing content with iPad's intuitive motion sensing and touch controls

Movies which record this fleeting moment are built into this application.

For example, the instant when a water bloon bursts, or the moment when two soap bubbles unite, and so on.
When you want to play a movie, just slide your finger across the screen.
You can control the speed by the movement of your finger.
When you slide your finger in the opposite direction, the image returns to its original state.
You can play some movies by inclining the iPad right and left to activate its built-in accelerometer.

This application, together with the iPad's motion and touch controls, allows you to enjoy image content recorded with a high-speed camera.
Depending on the content, there is potential for a range of uses in educational, promotional and various other areas.

Our company will continue planning and developing applications to meet the needs of our customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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