Communication Guidelines

The Facebook Page (hereafter the "Page") of Nissha Co., Ltd. (hereafter "Nissha") provides for the following Communication Guidelines (hereafter our "Guidelines").
We regard that you have agreed to the provisions of our Guidelines by registering as a fan of this Page. When you use the Page, you are required to abide by the Guidelines together with the Facebook, Inc.'s terms of service.


  • Administrator: Nissha Co., Ltd.
  • URL:
  • Content: Nissha provides a variety of information relating to our business activities, products and other relevant information.
  • Business Hours: Nissha uploads the updated content from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm Japan Standard Time except for year-end and New Year holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese national holidays and our non-business days. We may also post information from time to time regardless of business hours.
  • Term: Please note that this Page may be terminated and/or deleted at any time without notice.

Responses from Nissha

  • Please note that Nissha is not obligated to respond to all the comments, postings or messages to this Page. Please bear it in mind.
  • Please visit and use the "Contact us" on the Nissha's website if you would like to inquire about us and our products, and state your opinions.


  • Nissha does not guaranty the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information on the Page.
  • Nissha is not responsible for the contents posted by the users including their comments, photos or videos.
  • Nissha is not liable for damages incurred by the users from their use of or failure to use the Page.
  • Nissha is not liable for damages incurred by the users or the third party from troubles among users or between users and the third party arising out of or in relation to the Page.
  • Nissha is not liable for damages incurred by the users or the third party arising out of or in relation to the Page besides causes described in the foregoing paragraphs above.
  • The copyright of contents posted by the user are vested in the concerned user. However, Nissha deems that the said user has granted Nissha the right to use globally whole or a part of his/her contents on a non-exclusive basis including duplicating, copying, processing, translating, quoting, extracting and publicizing without prior consent of or compensation to the said user, and has agreed not to exercise the copyright against Nissha.
  • If Nissha collects the personal information from the users, we treat the said information with proper care pursuant to the Privacy Policy of Nissha.
  • The Page is operated along with the system of Facebook, Inc., and Nissha is not in a position to comment on the operating conditions of the Facebook, Inc.'s system. We are not able to respond to the questions relating to the function, usage or technical aspects of software and applications provided by Facebook site, Facebook, Inc. or the third party.
  • Our Guidelines are subject to change without notice.

Prohibited matter

Nissha wishes to establish and maintain the good communication with users. Please avoid the following acts when you use the Page. If an act by any user applies to any of the following, we will delete the applicable postings and/or block the applicable accounts:
  • Act to identify, disclose or divulge the personal information of other user or the third party without consent of the principal.
  • Act to cause a damage to Nissha, other user or the third party.
  • Act to falsify the information which has been provided on and/or through the Page.
  • Act to commercialize or make a profit through or in connection with the Page without prior approval of Nissha.
  • Act to infringe on the copyright or other intellectual property rights of Nissha, other users and the third party.
  • Act to defame, slander, stain honor or undermine credibility of Nissha, other user or the third party.
  • Act to offend public order and morals or to provide the information offensive to the same.
  • Act of election campaign, religious activity and the like.
  • Act to hinder the administration or operation of the Page.
  • Act incompatible with the Facebook, Inc.'s privacy policy and terms of service.
  • Act to post the information, material or statement irrelevant to the purpose of the Page.
  • Any other acts which are improper in Nissha's sole discretion.

Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

Our Guidelines are governed by the law of Japan. Kyoto District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first sentence over all disputes arising between the user and Nissha out of or in connection with the Page.

Nissha's Access to the User's Information

The user's registration of this Page as a fan shall deem that the said user grants Nissha access to his/her public information including the name, profile photo, gender, sex, network, user ID, friends list and other information made available to the public.
January 1, 2013
Nissha Co., Ltd.

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