Aiming to be a true Technology-oriented company

Nissha Group’s technology development structure consists of the development departments of individual business units, responsible for meeting customer needs over the medium term, and Product and Business Development, which focuses on development from a longer-term perspective. The latter performs various functions required for business development, such as envisioning new products in response to market needs, designing development processes, and building supply chains. We approach development without clinging to the principle of self-sufficiency. Instead, we promote open innovation, linking the technologies of other companies and research results at universities with those of our own to improve the speed of development.

Examples of Nissha R&D

Here we present examples of R&D efforts in progress at Nissha. Click an image to display the details.

Acetaldehyde/Ethanol measuring device

Measurement of Acetaldehyde and Ethanol in Exhalation

Nissha is carrying out its research and development in the medical field by accelerating its technology development for the growing fields of medicine and health care, as well as searching for new core technologies to acquire and for new markets for sales.
The company is making full use of its gas sensor technology and biogas measurement technology in cooperative research with Manabu Muto, Professor of the Therapeutic Oncology Course at the Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine Kyoto University, to develop a device which measures acetaldehyde and ethanol in exhalation.

Initiatives for Creating and Passing Down Technologies

Nissha Fellow System

Employees who demonstrate outstanding specialized skills and knowledge as an engineer and who have produced significant results in technology development at Nissha are appointed as "Nissha Fellows" and entrusted to lead research themes selected by Nissha. As of July 2016, one employee is appointed as a Nissha Fellow, in the field of IMD in the Industrial Materials business.

Technology Education and Training

Technology Education and Training

Nissha Academy, our in-house institute for fostering leaders of the next generation with advanced specialized skills, in July 2014 established a new Management of Technology (MOT) School, where young engineers are learning the skills required to link technology-based ideas with concrete business results.

Technology Award System and New Product Launch Ceremonies

In addition to the President’s Award and Top-Line Award designed to recognize employees who have contributed to business results, we have in place a Technology Award system, which seeks to motivate employees engaged in the technology development phase by honoring unique, innovative technologies regardless of business results.
We also organize New Product Launch Ceremonies as a forum for all project members to gather upon the launch of a new product into the market. The idea is to acknowledge the efforts dedicated up to commercialization and wish for the success of the new product.

New Product Launch Ceremonies logo

New Product Launch Ceremonies logo

The presentation at New Product Launch Ceremonies

The presentation at New Product Launch Ceremonies

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