Editorial Policy

The CSR Report is published annually to serve as a communication tool between the Nissha Group and our stakeholders. CSR Report 2018 covers our initiatives and performance in the fiscal year ended December 2017 (April–December 2017), following the editorial policy given below.

Guidelines Used as Reference

・The core option of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards
・Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2012, issued by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment

Period Covered

The information contained in this report, in principle, covers the period from April 2017 to December 2017. Some reporting is also done regarding activities carried out after January 2018.

Publication Dates

Current issue: March 2018
Next issue: April 2019 (planned)
Last issue: June 2017

Scope of Reporting

The information and data contained in this report focus mainly on activities conducted by the Nissha Group. Where information for the entire group is not available, the scope of reporting is indicated separately. “Nissha” refers to “Nissha Co., Ltd.” alone. “Nissha Group” refer to Nissha Co., Ltd. and its group companies. “Global Headquarters” refers to the global headquarters and associated companies located within the global headquarters premises. The major affiliated companies of each Nissha Group business are given below.
Significant activities conducted by companies in our supply chain are also included in this report.

Major Affiliated Companies and Businesses

Companies Major Businesses
Nitec Industries, Inc. Industrial Materials
Nitec Precision and Technologies, Inc. Devices
Nissha FIS, Inc. Devices
Nissha SiMICS, Inc. Devices
mui Lab, Inc. Devices
Nissha Printing Communications, Inc. Information and Communication
Nitec Printing Co., Ltd. Information and Communication
Nissha F8, Inc. Information and Communication
M crossing Co., Ltd. Others
Nissha Business Service, Inc. Others
Nissha USA, Inc. Industrial Materials, Devices
Eimo Technologies, Inc. Industrial Materials
Nissha Si-Cal Technologies, Inc. Industrial Materials
Nissha PMX Technologies, S.A. de C.V. Industrial Materials
Graphic Controls Acquisition Corp. Medical Technologies
Graphic Controls Ltd. Medical Technologies
Nissha Europe GmbH Industrial Materials, Devices
Nissha Schuster Kunststofftechnik Industrial Materials
Nissha Back Stickers Industrial Materials
AR Metallizing N.V. Industrial Materials
AR Metallizing S.r.l. Industrial Materials
AR Metallizing Ltd. Industrial Materials
Nissha ARM Embalagens Trading Do Brasil Ltda. Industrial Materials
Málaga Produtos Metalizados Ltda. Industrial Materials
Nissha Korea, Inc. Industrial Materials, Devices
Nissha Industrial and Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Industrial Materials
Nissha (Kunshan) Precision IMD Mold Co., Ltd. Industrial Materials, Devices
Guangzhou Nissha High Precision Plastics Co., Ltd. Industrial Materials
Hong Kong Nissha Co., Ltd. Industrial Materials
Nissha Industrial and Trading Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Industrial Materials
Nissha Precision Technologies Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Industrial Materials
Nissha Vietnam Co., Ltd. Devices

Variations in Scope of Reporting

Date Contents Impact on scope of reporting
July 2017 Nissha Group company Nitec Precision and Technologies, Inc. commenced operations of its Tsu Factory. CSR Report 2018 contains information on the Tsu Factory ranging from July to December 2017.
October 2017 Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. was renamed Nissha Co., Ltd. as of October 6, 2017. CSR Report 2018 uses the name Nissha Co., Ltd. in text, and Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. for topics on and before October 5.
October 2017 Nissha Co., Ltd. wholly owned subsidiary Nissha USA, Inc. concluded a business transfer agreement and acquired the printed electronics business of subsidiaries Si-Cal Technologies, Inc. and GSI Technologies, LLC on October 10, 2017. The event has no impact on the contents of CSR Report 2018.
October 2017 Nissha Co., Ltd. consolidated subsidiary Graphic Controls Group (headquartered in USA) concluded a share transfer agreement, completed share acquisition, and acquired as a subsidiary French medical device manufacturer Integral Process SAS on October 31, 2017. The event has no impact on the contents of CSR Report 2018.
October 2017 Nissha Co., Ltd. established mui Lab, Inc., engaging primarily in development and sales of “mui,” a new interface product for the IoT market, on October 27, 2017. The event has no impact on the contents of CSR Report 2018.
November 2017 Nissha Co., Ltd. Devices business concluded a basic agreement on production of touch sensors with major Chinese glass cover manufacturer Lens Technology Co., Ltd., its subsidiary Lens International (HK) Limited, and a joint venture formed by the three companies, Nissha and Lens Technologies (Changsha) Company Limited, on November 6, 2017. The event has no impact on the contents of CSR Report 2018.

Publishing Division and Contact for Inquiries

Nissha Co., Ltd.
CSR, Corporate Communications
Tel: +81-(0)75-811-8111
Fax: +81-(0)75-823-5344
Inquiries: Nissha website “Contact us” page

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