Art Solutions

Offering solutions to pass on precious cultural assets
to the next generation and utilize them

Nissha Group has been closely associated with art works and cultural assets through high-quality art printings.
By utilizing technologies to restore and preserve deteriorated cultural assets at a high level and reproduction technology to reproduce real objects as closely as possible, our approach to business is to pass on cultural assets to the next generation. Blending the various special techniques by handwork with the state of art image processing technology, we not only preserve cultural assets but also offer solutions with the aim of valuable utilization.

Ultra-high Definition Digital Photography

To help preserve and research valuable cultural properties by using ultra-high digital archiving technology

Digital Archives

Ultra-high definition digital cameras that photograph fine shades of cultural assets. Equipped with full-digital studios and digital location vehicles, etc., that enable cameras to exert their advanced functions, we can respond to every photographing need.

Key Features

Location photography of cultural assets

Location photography of cultural assets

  1. "Professionals of art works," who boast of rich experience over many years, will undertake photography.
  2. Realizing ultra-high definition quality by the original photography system. 
  3. With respect to large size precious material, the staff visits the site to take photographs.
  4. Equipped with a digital location vehicle with leading equipment/facilities in Japan and a 1500-watt power supply.
  5. After photography, verification and correction of images shall promptly be made at the site and it is possible to make media output and delivery on the spot.
  6. Responding to photography for 3D archives and infra-red ray photography.
  7. Responding to every genre of photography, including flat surfaces, three dimensions, calligraphy imprint and classical books.
  8. Responding to every level of requirements from low resolution to high resolution.

Full-Digital Studio

Digital Archives

Equipped with a complete full-digital image processing room, color adjustment is made, looking at the real object at the same time as photography.
Equipped with hybrid electric flash, incorporating FL, which enables photography of valuable cultural assets without generating ultra-violet rays and heat.

First Studio (W7.5m x D10.3m)
  • Ceiling is 5m high, photography of lengthy material up to 4m, using the wall, is possible.
  • Equipped with fully-automatic up and down bank.
  • Overhead photography pit, where overhead photography from 3.5m high is possible.
Second Studio (W7.5m x D7.3m)

Third Studio (W4.6m x D7.3m)

Ultra-High Definition Image Processing


Nissha Group has independently developed an image processing process to make digital archives of precious cultural assets and art works at high precision and high definition. By correcting the aberration and distortion of camera lenses, it has become possible to prepare data with high size precision. By using this, the data photographed in sections can be precisely combined, which enables reproduction in detail of large reproductions that far exceed the limit of pixel counts. As the size of the image data originally processed can be measured on the screen, using "Arcvista" our exclusive software, it is highly evaluated in the field of academic study which treats precious materials.

Distortion Removal of Lenses and Front Conversion Processing
  • Correction of aberration and distortion inherent to camera lenses.
  • Front conversion of an object photographed at an angle (it is useful for photography in a place without space for long shots.)
  • Size measurement at a precision of ±0.5mm * is possible on an image.
  • It is possible to combine images photographed in sections correctly without a seam.
*In the case of photography at 6 million pixels in A-0 size.


  • Formulation of digital archives of cultural assets, including precious books, ancient documents, classical books, pictures on partitions, Buddhist statues.
  • Preparation of digital data for cases where reproduction and multiple re-photography is required for production.
  • Preservation of the present data of cultural assets and products, which were significantly deteriorated and difficult to maintain.


Taking digital photographs of the national treasure, the Mandala of the Two Realms

Taking digital photographs of the national treasure, the Mandala of the Two Realms

  • The Mandala of the Two Realms, a national treasure housed in Jingo-ji Temple
  • Nijo Castle Pictures on Partitions
  • Miidera Temple Pictures on Partitions
  • Kitano Tenmangu Engi Emaki (scroll picture of the foundation of the Shrine) (Shokyuedition) and others
  • Hokoku Shrine Hokoku Festival Picture Folding Screen and others
  • Nanzenji Temple, Tenryuji Temple, Daigoji Temple, Shokokuji Temple and Mampukuji Temple and many others
  • Tokyo National Museum, National Treasure and Important Cultural Asset Picture Images 
  • Kyoto National Museum, National Treasure and Important Cultural Asset Picture Images
  • Nara National Museum, National Treasure and Important Cultural Asset Picture Images 

Using Digital Archives

Lending Service of Cultual Asset Images ""

Images of

"" accumulates and publishes various image contents with high cultural value. Customers can freely search and view the image contents which they want to use and apply and use them through simple procedures.
It also treats high-definition image data, utilizing image processing technologies as well as accepts productions of related products reproductions and interiors using the images. "" will continue to collect image contents, including cultural asset images and precious materials and facilitate negotiations with the holders of quality contents for use by many people.

Management System for Art

Highly functional database for management of works (materials) in possession, derived from archive formulation know-how unique to Nissha Group

 "Artize MA" is a highly functional database system for "management of works in possession" and "management of materials in possession," derived from rich practical experience for luxury art printings and digital archive formulation know-how unique to Nissha Group.

"Artize MA" has realized the following functions in one package.
  • Support for operations of art galleries and museums
  • Accumulation and sharing of documentation of works in possession
  • Transmission and dissemination of information of works on the Internet
  • Formulation of digital archives with high-definition and large capacity

Key Features

Rich basic functions and flexible customization

Considering a response for every work management operation of art galleries and museums, rich basic functions are incorporated into the basic package. It is possible to respond to customization flexibly depending on individual needs and speedy introduction of the system is possible for a short period of time. 

Setting out access authority by user in detail

It is possible to set out access authority of the user and disclosure or non-disclosure of the information of works from a user management screen. Maintenance of security of precious information is perfect.

Widely publishing the works in possession through the terminals for visitors and the Internet

Information of works registered in "Artize MA" can be published via the network while maintaining security by very simple operations (Internet information transmission function is standard equipment and Web server is optional).

Introduction and Usage Image


Introduction Examples

Art Galleries and Museums

  • Yokkaichi Municipal Museum
  • Museum of Oriental Ceramics Osaka
  • POLA Museum of Art
  • (Ichikawa-shi) Higashiyama Kaii Memorial Hall
  • The National Museum of Western Art
  • Kyoto Municipal Museum of School History
  • Hyogo Prefecture, Tajima Kokufu Kokubunji-kan
  • Others, Art galleries in Hyogo Prefecture (2)

Universities and Educational Institutions

  • Kyoto City University of Arts, Research Center for Japanese Traditional Music
  • Tokyo Polytechnic University, Photography Gallery
  • Shuchiin University


  • Gion Festival Yamaboko Fedration
  • OMRON Corporation

Production of Republication and Replica

Nissha Group has challenged high-definition reproduction which truly represents the aesthetic property and texture of the original by high level image processing technology at which Nissha Group excels. We can respond to any reproduction types, from pictures on partitions to scrolling pictures and books, to rolled books and panels. We will provide custom-made reproductions depending on the application of customers.

Republication of Screens “Flowering Plants”  by Yusho Kaiho

Republication of Screens “Flowering Plants” by Yusho Kaiho

Republication of Screens “Flowering Plants”  by Yusho Kaiho

Republication of Screens “Flowering Plants” by Yusho Kaiho

"National Treasure, Sacred Script of Revealing Truth of Jodo (Pure Land), Bando edition


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