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Biomedical Innovations, a division of Nissha Medical Technologies, has engaged for more than 25 years in design, development and manufacturing of products ranging from electromechanical devices used in critical applications, medical cables, to wearable/biosensor devices. As a manufacturing partner of choice for world-class medical device makers, we provide full-segment support in product development, design, prototyping, and mass production.

Three design and development centers and a mass-production site located through North and Central Americas serve the various phases of medical device development. For many years we have eliminated waste and provided smooth one-stop services to meet a broad range of demands in medical device development.
As part of the wider Nissha group, Biomedical Innovations has the ability to leverage the Nissha Innovation Center in Kyoto, which serves as a hub of technology research and development with resources of 500 engineers.
Moving forward, Biomedical Innovations will spearhead Nissha’s strengthening of focus on medical devices technology development.

*Biomedical Innovations is a  registered trademark or a trademark of Nissha Co., Ltd.

Product Development and Design

Using tools such as 3D modeling, nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA), and nonlinear analysis simulations, we have design capabilities to minimize usability risks before they arise, in the early stages of product design and development.

Prototyping and Small-lot Production

Our strengths lie in the manufacturing and assembly of medical devices such as energy devices,*1 intracardiac catheters,*2 and guide wires.*3 Innovation Centers in the United States are also working on the development of noninvasive products such as wearable biosensors.

Mass Production

Biomedical Innovations has a proven track record of working with major medical device companies . We also have a nearshore manufacturing facility in the Dominican Republic that provides our customers with quality and cost effective manufacturing and assembly capabilities.
Through a strengthening of our mass production structure and engagement with new technologies, we seek to provide even better medical devices.

*1 A term for surgical instruments that use energy such as high frequencies, ultrasonic waves, and microwaves emitted during surgery to cut tissue and organs, and to stop bleeding from the incision
*2 A type of medical device used to treat angina, myocardial infarction, and other conditions in which the blood vessels of the heart are blocked or narrowed by cholesterol and other deposits
*3 A term for the wire needed to guide medical devices such as intracardiac catheters to the affected area


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