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Nissha Group’s uniquely high-quality and creative services support your communication activities in a reliable manner.

creative design

We have a system within our company that can provide various types of creative services, ranging from planning to copywriting, editing, design and shooting.
Each of our in-house creators listens to your request, and always makes a proposal and creates items with the idea of a final form. In addition to printing media, such as magazines and posters, we support a wide range of areas, such as production of web sites and image media. We support your communication activities in a reliable manner through our high-quality and creative services.

Supports various media-based communication strategies with expertise

Nissha Group supports various media-based communication strategies of its clients with expertise in the planning and production of printing, web, and video publications.
We offer comprehensive services, starting with the planning of the media publication to produce and continuing through editing, copywriting and designing, all in line with the needs and marketing perspective of individual clients. Meanwhile, equipped with a rich array of photographic apparatus including world-class ultra high-resolution digital cameras, Nissha group company Nissha F8, Inc. holds itself ready to meet the various photographic preferences of the clients with its own photo studio. Digital-archiving of valuable cultural assets and works of art is part of its much vaunted portfolio of contributions.
Augmenting the extensive body of experience it has fostered over the years with the latest communication tools appearing constantly on the scene to suit the changing times, Nissha Group will continue to engage itself in all phases of creative activities from planning to releasing of publications in the vast field of media communication.

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