Fabric Printing

The service offers a fresh medium for expressing the customer’s attractive graphic designs


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Nissha Group's high-precision color management and printing technology are also used for printing on cloth materials (fabrics).
Intended applications include displays for retail store and showroom interiors, and illuminated signs for exhibitions and other events. We print by Sublimation Transfer Technique for High-Fidelity Prints and Captivating Space Decoration.

  • Fabric is imprinted with the artwork and illuminated with dedicated LED backlighting. The system produces a sharper display than paper media and consistent color reproduction even in large sizes.
  • Portable and highly durable, fabric substrates withstand repeated use.
  • No specialized workers or tools required to set the fabric in place.
  • Ideal for small lot production.
  • Ideal for artwork that takes advantage of the supple texture and fine quality of fabric.

*Fabright is registered trademark of Nissha Printing Communications, Inc..

Production process -Sublimation Transfer Technique-


Fabric Printing

Ink developed for sublimation transfer is used to print the artwork on transfer paper.


The transfer paper and the substrate (fabric) are layered and inserted into a rotating drum transfer machine. The drum applies heat to vaporize the ink, and pressure to transfer and infuse the ink into the fabric.

Fabric Printing


The fabric is then cut into the size of the product. An automatic laser cutter is used for high precision and to prevent fraying.


To finish, sheets of silicone rubber are sewn onto the fabric for affixing to panels. The specially developed system makes the fabric both durable and attractive. 
The panel is combined with dedicated LED backlighting to complete the product.


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