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Material ConneXion Tokyo provides consultation services as an operator of an advanced material library and an expert in the field of providing advice on materials.

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Operation of Material ConneXion Tokyo

Material ConneXion Tokyo

Material ConneXion Tokyo

Material ConneXion

Material ConneXion is a consulting company providing services and proposals linking a wide range of materials and processing technologies into product, design, development and manufacturing innovations. With its headquarters in New York, the company also operates offices in cities spread throughout the world (Milan, Bangkok, Daegu, Skovde, Tokyo and Bilbao).
A library has been established in which more than 10,000 items of advanced materials (as of March 2021) collected from all regions of the world have been registered in a database and can actually be handled for confirmation purposes at any of our offices. Subscribing to the library provides access to our on-line database providing details on the features of the materials, technical information, contact numbers for the material manufacturers and other information in eight different languages, all of which provides hints for new designs and product development. Our consulting services also provide wide-ranging advice, from strategic planning through to manufacturing support for product development, through the eyes of specialists in the field of materials.
Approximately 36,000 companies, developers and designers, etc., currently subscribe to the library, and the total number of database users has reached approximately one million.

The mission of Material ConneXion Tokyo is to expand the utilization of Japan’s materials and technology in order to revitalize manufacturing. Introducing people to the exhibitions and library at our showrooms enables us to efficiently carry out PR into materials and technologies aimed at companies and designers on a global scale, and we continue to expand the potential of these showrooms as forums for acquiring hints into new forms of applied development.


Linking Advanced Materials to Future Products

Our expert and knowledgeable staff offer suggestions for innovative products development for surveys into materials as well as joint development projects with manufacturers. Feel free to consult with us if you need advice on materials that match up with individual needs, inspirations and ideas for innovative products, solutions for issues inherent with product development, or anything else. We also maintain close links with our overseas offices to provide support for making inroads into foreign markets.

Utilization Example

Puma asked Material ConneXion to provide advice on a sweeping design for sneaker packaging using old-fashioned cardboard in order to radically reduce its environmental footprint. This resulted in Material ConneXion becoming an innovation partner providing assistance from start through to finish.
We prepared a sustainable strategy and a road map that led to the conception of the Clever Little Bag.


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