Pharmaceuticals and Quasi-drugs (in-house products and CDMO)


Zonnebodo Pharmaceutical, a Nissha company, is a manufacture and a marketing authorization holder of pharmaceuticals and quasi-drugs. Nissha performs contract development of Oral Thin Films, and Zonnebodo Pharmaceutical plans to provide contract manufacturing of them.

By means of the Core Technologies as well as other innovations, Nissha aims to make a corporate social contribution to the pharmaceutical market, as it has in other markets, in such a way as to enrich people’s lives.

In-house Products


  • Mitigating tinnitus
  • Vitamin B2 / B6
  • Nicotinamide 

Designated quasi-drugs



Film type of pharmaceuticals

We have focused on the Drug Delivery System*, and proceeded with development of film type of pharmaceuticals (Oral Thin Films and Transdermal Patches). By utilizing our Core Technologies, we believe that we can contribute to improvements in dosage compliance and quality of life (QOL) for patients and aim for contribution to realize the enrichment of people’s lives.

*A dosing system designed for efficiently delivering the required amount of drug into the targeted site in the body for the required time.

Oral Thin Films

The thin film dissolves quickly in the mouth and is absorbed into the body. Since it be orally taken without water, and is suitable for elderly patients with swallowing difficulties and bedridden patients.

Oral Thin Films

Transdermal Patches

The patch type formulation is applied to the skin, allowing the drug to penetrate directly into the bloodstream. It has a feature that is associated with less side effects mediated by hepatic metabolism.

Transdermal Patches

Manufacturing base

Zonnebodo Pharmaceutical has manufacturing license for pharmaceuticals and GMP compliant manufacturing facilities with sophisticated manufacturing technologies and quality control capabilities in relation to a variety of drug forms, such as tablets, liquids and powders.

Site information

Company name Zonnebodo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Address 5-7-14 Sandamachi, Hachioji, Tokyo 193-0832, Japan
Representative Director / CEO Toshiyuki Yasui
Established 1988 *Founded in 1941
Business Outline Manufacturing and marketing authorization holder of prescription pharmaceuticals and quasi drugs, marketing authorization holder of cosmetics
Licenses ・Manufacturing license for pharmaceuticals
・Second-class marketing license for pharmaceuticals
・Selling license for pharmaceuticals(licenses for wholesale distribution)
・Manufacturing license for quasi-pharmaceutical products
・Marketing license for quasi-pharmaceutical products
・Marketing license for cosmetics
Website *Japanese only


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