Gas Sensor Module for Refrigerant Detection

Detecting Refrigerants that has a negative impact
on global warming


This gas sensor module, developed by Nissha Group company Nissha FIS, can be installed in air conditioner and freezer equipment to detect escaping refrigerants.

Introducing gas sensor modules for refrigerant detection that are highly durable and easy to install.
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Environmental Initiatives

Nissha FIS contributes to the prevention of global warming through innovative gas sensor technologies.
Refrigerants are a gas heat-transfer medium for lowering temperatures. This gas is a critical part of temperature control equipment used in air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators, and other equipment. At the same time, chlorofluorocarbon gas used as a refrigerant is known as a greenhouse gas that has a negative impact on global warming. Society demands reduced emissions of substances that impact climate change for the worse. In the 1980s, scientists began suspecting that HCFCs, then used as a main refrigerant source, contributed to destruction of the ozone layer. The Montreal Protocol, signed in 1987, called for eliminating all HCFCs by the year 2020. Today, HFCs are used as the main source of refrigerants. These chemicals have no impact on the ozone layer; however, when released into the atmosphere, they cause a greenhouse effect that impacts global warming. Beginning in 2019, HFCs have joined the list of regulated chemicals subject to mandatory emissions restrictions.
The Nissha gas sensor module for refrigerant detection will play an important role in detecting refrigerant leaks, reduction emissions, and solving this important social issue.


  • Already calibrated for gas detection sensitivity, this module requires no complicated settings and may be installed directly into air conditioners and freezers as-is.
  • A more than 10-year product life provides simple maintenance.
  • Used in combination with the Nissha wireless sensor network, information detected can be used to control equipment and provide notifications of abnormalities.
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