Sensor Gas Chromatograph

High-sensitivity measurement of specified trace gas

Nissha Group company Nissha FIS, Inc. employs innovative gas sensor technology to develop applied equipment for the environmental and medical research fields.
The Sensor Gas Chromatograph (SGC) is designed to perform short-time, high-sensitivity measurement of gas concentrations such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the atmosphere, and ammonia and hydrogen sulfide released from factories and production facilities.
With applications including the measurement of odors at factories and in garbage, and the analysis of trace gas in medical and microbiology research fields, the SGC is used for improving the environment and promoting medical research.


Posted "Nissha Products to Contribute to a Hydrogen Society"

Hydrogen is expected as a clean energy for the realization of a carbon-free society. We are contributing to the building of a hydrogen society through various products.


1. Super sensitive measurement of quite small amounts of gas
Since extremely high sensitive semiconductor gas sensor is used as a detector, ppb (parts per billion) level measurement can be realized.

2. Easy operation/short time measurement
Simply injecting sample gas starts measurement automatically. The measurement is completed in 4 or 8 minutes.

3. No carrier gas cylinder required
SGC uses ambient air as carrier gas so that high pressure gas cylinder is not necessary.
Note: Some models need the cylinder.

4. Small size/light weight/Portable
Our original technology including a short length column has realized a small size (B4 size) and light weight (5.5kg) unit with excellent portability that does not require a limited installation site.

5. Real time data viewing with attached software
SGC is supplied with a standard software displaying the real-time measurement results on PC. This software has various features such as chromatography chart, gas concentration display, and continuous measurement (optional) display.

6. Customizable
SGC can be customized to meet your demand.
• For use with high purity air cylinder as carrier gas, if the ambient air around SGC is polluted, etc.
• Automatic gas injection and continuous measurement (continuous monitoring is possible by automatic sampling function)
• For the measurement of other gas than currently available gases

7. Continuous measurement (automatic gas injector) *Optional feature
Automatic continuous measurement is possible by setting total measurement duration time or total measurement times.

Product Line-up

The SGC is available in a line-up of seven products divided into five models by target gas. ODSA-P3-A, SGVA-P3-A, and SGEA-P3-A have received third-party evaluation under the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program,* administered by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment (MOE), for verified technological reliability.
Model Ministry of the Environment
Environmental Technology Verification Program*
Verification number
Target gases
ODSA-P3-A 130-1703 Hydrogen sulfide
(Methyl mercaptan)
Dimethyl sulfide
ODNA-P3-A 130-1801 Ammonia
ODNA-P3-B Hydrogen
Carbon monoxide
SGHA-P3-A 130-1802 Ammonia
SGHA-P3-B Hydrogen
Carbon monoxide
SGVA-P3-A 100-1401 Toluene
SGEA-P3-A 130-1704 Acetone
*Environmental Technology Verification Program
The ETV program is a program to test usable "advanced environmental technologies" for evaluation purposes. Technological effects are "verified" in the form of objective data and releasing the results on the Ministry of the Environment website.


With the ability to detect various types of gas, the SGC is suitable for a broad range of applications.
  • Factory environment measurement

    Environmental measurement inside and outside a factory, malodor processing ability check, etc.

  • Garbage odor control

    Garbage released odor control, odor prevention in the neighborhood, etc.

  • Deodorizer performance evaluation

    Performance and deterioration evaluation for deodorizers, etc.

  • Food freshness check/food production quality control

    Quality control and freshness check in food processing process, etc.

  • Very small amount gas analysis in R&D

    Very small amount gas analysis in R&D of environmental, medical, and micro-organism fields


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