Wireless Sensor Network

Systems Combining Sensors with Wireless Technology

Nissha sensing technology meets EnOcean low-power wireless technology in wireless sensors for building Internet of Things (IoT) solutions tailored to various needs.

Features of EnOcean wireless

  1. Energy harvesting : Harnesses small amounts of energy from the environment
  2. Ultra-low power : Operating sequence optimized for low power consumption
  3. Specified low-power wireless : Wireless licensed to use the 920 MHz frequency

*EnOcean is the energy harvesting wireless technology of EnOcean GmbH, based in Germany, ratified as the international wireless standard ISO/IEC 14543-3-10. EnOcean is a registered trademark of EnOcean GmbH.
*Energy harvesting is the process of converting the smallest amounts of energy from light, heat, and vibrations in the surrounding environment into electrical power.


Wireless sensors

  • Greatly reduced installation and maintenance due to ultra-low power consumption and energy-harvesting technology such as solar power.
  • Wireless enables easy installation, substantially reducing costs and time
  • Adoption of 920 MHz EnOcean wireless standard realizes low-power operation


The range of sensors may be configured as IoT solutions for a variety of settings.
Nissha recommends products optimal for both indoor and outdoor environments, and designs systems as needed.

System Configuration

Nissha provides the following products for system configuration. 

Nissha wireless sensor network

Web application example

  • Data may be accessed any time, anywhere, on tablet devices as well as PCs
  • Settings may be customized to issue an alert over preset values
  • External data may be linked, such as social media and weather forecasts

Web application screenshot

Web application screenshot


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