Our Technology Empowers Your Life

Our Technology Empowers Your Life

Our Customers –Together Creating Value for the Future–

Today our technologies and products are used in various industries across the globe. We continue to take on challenges toward a prosperous future and to realize both your vision and ours.

Customers:IT, Automotive, Medical Devices, High-function Packaging Materials,
Consumer Electronics/Cosmetics/Residential Furnishings,
Communication Design


–Advanced Technologies for Intuitive Controls–

Nissha Group leads the way to comfort with the latest sensing technology


–Limitless Powers of Automotive Expression–

Nissha Group designs and functions create a special in-vehicle experience

Medical Devices

–Everyday Health as a Matter of Course–

Nissha Group technology contributes to safe, comfortable, and healthy lives

High-function Packaging Materials

–Designs Gentle on People and the Earth–

Nissha Group boosts product value with eye-catching, eco-friendly metallized paper

Consumer Electronics, Cosmetics, Residential Furnishings

–Smart Solutions for the Lives–

Nissha Group proposes the living environment that are both
convenient and attractive

Communication Design

–Creative Solutions Meet Consumer Needs–

Nissha Group grasps the customer’s challenges and
delivers optimal solutions.

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