Limitless Powers of Automotive Expression

Limitless Powers of Automotive Expression

Creating Sophisticated, Quality in-Vehicle Spaces

From metallic to woody to gradation, Nissha’s wealth of true-to-life finishes for plastic parts enhance the appeal of the in-vehicle space. Our line-up also includes input devices with features such as reliable performance that rules out erratic behavior, durability to withstand severe fluctuations in temperature, ease of use to alleviate stress for the driver, and designs tailored to blend with the automotive interior.

Application Examples

Nissha Automobile

From design proposal to manufacturing, we offer one-stop solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.

Examples: Decorations and functions added to center panels, in-vehicle touch panels, navigation systems, audio panels, door ornaments, small parts, wheel ornaments



We enhance the appeal of products with decoration technology that adds design and function to the sarfaces of complex 3D plastics

Touch Sensor

We develop and manufacture FineTouch, a film-based touch sensor boasting outstanding accuracy and functionality

Force Sensor

Used in combination with touch sensors, creates an innovative user interface that detects the inputting force

Gas Sensor

Applied to breath alcohol checkers for the prevention of drunk driving and Hydrogen detectors for fuel cell vehicles

Commercial Printing

We provide a variety of services from planning of advertisements, sales promotions and publicity strategies to tool production

Material Library and Consulting

We operate a library of advanced materials and offer consulting
as an expert in the field of advice on materials

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