Creative Solutions Meet Consumer Needs

Creative Solutions Meet Consumer Needs
-Communication Design-

Supporting our Customers with Precise Solutions

Through dialogue and communication, Nissha Group grasps the customer’s challenges, proposes solutions from planning to production, and follows through to execution. Examples of our services include advice and consulting about linking advanced materials with future products, faithful artistic reproduction technology cultivated since our founding, and IT solutions incorporating the latest trends. We use a diversity of approaches to help our customers run their business smoothly.


Material Library and Consulting

We operate a library of advanced materials and offer consulting
as an expert in the field of advice on materials

Commercial Printing and Publishing

Supports customers' businesses by combining
the high printing quality and solutions

Sales Promotion

Total support for effective promotion,
acutely recognizing the times and needs of users

Visual recording

We meet every visual recording need with commercial photo shooting, video filming, ultra high-definition digital archiving, and aerial photography using drones.

Web Solution

We develop personalized video solutions and other
communication tools using information technology

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