Advanced Technologies for Intuitive Controls

Smart Solutions for the Lives
-Consumer Electronics, Cosmetics, Residential Furnishings-

Blending Design and Function into Cozy and Safe Lifestyles

Designs that add an air of sophistication to the space, and functions that support the safety and comfort of the users—Nissha’s solutions play a part in enriching the living environment.

Design and Texture –Freedom of residential space expression–
By adding designs and textures to materials in complex shapes, like plastics and metals, Nissha translates any interior concept into reality to suit the users’ lifestyle. Our processes can also simultaneously add functions such as wear resistance, chemical resistance, optical properties, and electrical properties.
Examples: Washing Machines, Vacuum Cleaners, Air Conditioners, TV sets, Printers, Electric Toothbrushes, Shavers

Function –Comfortable and safe living environments–
Nissha Group’s gas sensors are built into humidifier–air cleaners to detect all types of indoor odor—cigarette smoke, alcohol, food, and pets—and control the fans accordingly. Our line-up also includes touch sensors essential to the input function of game consoles, and environment monitoring systems using our wireless sensor network. Through a broad range of products, we contribute to comfort and safety at home.
Examples: Home Gas Alarms, Air Purifiers, Environment Monitoring Systems, Game Consoles, Digital Cameras



We enhance the appeal of products with decoration technology that adds design and function to the sarfaces of complex 3D plastics

Touch Sensor

We have a reputation for the outstanding durability and accurate sensing capabilities of FineTouch, built into game consoles and digital cameras

Gas Sensor

We develop and manufacture sensors for use in
home gas alarms and air purifiers

Wireless Sensor Network

Systems combining sensors with wireless technology.Occupancy, CO2, Humidity, Temperature sensor installed as Monitoring system

Heat transfer foil

Enables decoration not only for plastic molded products
but also for glass and metal

The 3D Dye Sublimation

Capabilities of High-mix Small-lot production, transfer on
complex 3D shape, and reproduction of high definition design

Material Library and Consulting

We operate a library of advanced materials and offer consulting
as an expert in the field of advice on materials

Dissolving Microneedle Patch

The development of microneedle for cosmetics

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