Advanced Technologies for Intuitive Controls

Advanced Technologies for Intuitive Controls
-IT Devices-

Leading the way to comfort with cutting-edge technology

Smartphones, tablet devices, and e-book readers—Nissha’s latest technologies play an essential role in IT devices used widely across the globe. FineTouch embodies world-class technology in the field of small and medium sized touch sensors. Our line-up also includes Wireless Sensor Network systems combining sensors with wireless technology, and decorative and functional hard coat technologies for IT devices.
Nissha touch sensors made their debut in 1990. With the technology and expertise we have amassed in the years since then, we continue to deliver optimal solutions to a broad range of customers using input and output sensing devices.

Application Examples

Smartphone, Tablet Devices, E-book Readers, Digital Cameras, Car Navigations, Switches and others


Touch Sensor

We develop and manufacture FineTouch, a film-based touch sensor boasting outstanding accuracy and functionality

Force Sensor

Used in combination with touch sensors, creates an innovative user interface that detects the inputting force


We enhance the appeal of products with decoration technology that adds design and function to the sarfaces of complex 3D plastics

Wireless Sensor Network

Systems combining sensors with wireless technology, uses energy harvesting sensors and wireless communication technology

Material Library and Consulting

We operate a library of advanced materials and offer consulting
as an expert in the field of advice on materials

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