World Leading Film Based High Definition Electric Devices

The Devices business specializes in high-precision, high-function devices. Film-based touch sensors, a core product with fine wiring patterns formed by the photolithography process, are used widely in the Consumer Electronics (IT), Industrial Equipment, and Automotive fields.
Devices is expanding also to develop and supply products such as Gas Sensors, and systems combining sensors with wireless technology with an eye to the Internet of Things.

Capacitive-type Touch Sensor

Challenging the limits of narrow frame with the photolithography process

Resistive-type Touch Sensor

Key features are Lightweight, Thin, Optical Clarity, Durability and Exact Sensing

Force Sensor

Touch sensor that detects the force of pressure and
enables subtle input control

Gas Sensor

Technology and products providing safe and comfortable
environments indispensable for everyday life

Wireless Sensor Network

Systems Combining Sensors with Wireless Technology

Process Engineering -Devices-

Introduction of process engineering of Devices business,
which is the basis of product development

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