Resistive-type Touch Sensor

Key features are lightweight, thin, optical clarity,
durability and exact sensing

Resistive-type Touch Sensor

The Resistive-type Touch Sensor, FineTouch "Classic" is thin, lightweight, and has high levels of readability (Patent acquired). Addition to these features, Nissha's Resistive-type Touch Sensor achieve stress-free inputting by excellent input durability and exact sensing. Since the Resistive-type Touch Sensor is possible to operate with gloves on, it is suitable for use in medical front, production site, or clean room.

* FineTouch is a Nissha's Touch Sensor with outstanding accuracy and functionality.
* FineTouch is a registered trademark or a trademark of Nissha Co., Ltd.

Product example

FineTouch "Classic" is a Resistive-type Touch Sensor, enables ease of handwriting and pin-point input with a stylus pen. Accepted the outstanding durability and exact sensing, it is widely used for various applications.

Mobile gaming gear

Mobile gaming gear "NINTENDO 3DS" Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Digital high vision video camera

Digital high vision video camera "HC-V300M" Panasonic Corporation

Key Features

1. Various combination of supply are available depending on product requirements; film, glass, or plastic.
2. Nissha's own unique technology has excellent input durability.
3. High-level of optical clarity is achieved through super-fine micro spacers and high transmission color-less touch screen (touch panel).
4. Nissha's advanced design capability allows for a narrow frame type.
5. Exact sensing allows stress-free touch input.
6. By decoration to hide the circuit, smooth design is achieved without a depression in the display portion of the product.


The basic structure of the resistive-type touch sensor consists of two sheets of electrode film on which transparent conducting layers are coated. A slight gap is provided between the two films. When the upper film is pushed with a finger or a stylus pen, the film deflects and the two transparent conducting layers contact each other, then electric current flows into the lower film. The pushed position can be identified by reading out that location. The roles of the micro spacers are prevention from unnecessary contact of two electrode films, and adjustment of the input pressure by its density, etc.

Basic principle of Resistive-type Touch Sensor

Resistive-type Touch Sensor basic principle


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