High-tech Global Expansion in Various Fields

Our Customers

Together Creating Value for the Future

Today our technologies and products are used in various industries across the globe. We continue to take on challenges toward a prosperous future and to realize both your vision and ours.

Customers:IT Devices, Automotive, Medical Devices and Health Care,
Consumer Electronics/Household Appliances/Residential Furnishings,
Packaging Materials, Communication Design

Core Technologies

"Printing", "Coating", "Laminating", " Molding" and " Patterning" Technologies in Business

We capture market needs accurately and fuse our diverse capabilities and core technologies into innovation that creates new value for our customers.

The current core technologies are comprised of "Printing", "Coating", "Laminating", " Molding" and " Patterning".
Nissha will continue to expand and evolve in future by adopting new technologies and materials.

Business Segments

Developing the Business Areas

Industrial Materials

In the Industrial Materials Business, we mainly offer proprietary technologies named "IMD" and "IML" that enable to offer flexible design and multi-functions to the surfaces of various materials such as Automotive Interior components, Home Appliances and Smartphones. Also, our Metallized paper has the largest market share in the industry as a packaging. Furthermore, Nissha’s transfer technology enables decorate and add functions for various materials. As an expert in the field of materials, we also operate material library, "Material ConneXion Tokyo".


Device Business provides film based electronic devices, making use of high definition patterning technology as core. Our major products are touch sensors finely wired by photolithography. In addition to mobile devices, Nissha touch sensor is used for Industrial, Automotive or Medical devices.
Our business field grows not only for film or module process, but also for Gas sensor or Wireless Sensor Networks.

Medical Technologies

Medical Technologies aims to contribute to safe, secure, and healthy life worldwide through business activities in the fields of innovative medical devices and consumable products manufacturer.
Our Medical Technologies business offers manufactures and sells its own brand products to medical institutions, while also providing contract manufacturing services for major medical device manufacturers in the North and Central America and Europe.

Information and Communication

By building on our foundation in printing, we continue to use innovative communication to create new value in the areas of communication design and information processing technology. we offer its customers a wide range of professional services, including marketing and sales promotion materials, high-quality print media, web solution and digital archives. * Nissha Printing Communications, Inc. operates the Information and Communication business.

What's Next

Close-up of New Products

We work to develop distinctive new products based on our core technologies. Here we provide a close-up of our latest offerings.

Products Contributing to Society

We address the demands and challenges of our customers and society, and through our business activities aim to realize the enrichment of people’s lives. (For our approach to CSR, see this page.)
Here we provide examples of Nissha products that contribute to society.

Metallized Paper

Environment friendly paper with excellent biodegradability

Patterned Vinyl Floor Tiles
(Luxury Vinyl Tile)

Environment-conscious floor tiles made with recycled materials

Sensor Gas Chromatograph

Easy-operation device for measuring trace gas and contributing to the environment and medical research

Rescue Guide

CPR voice guide in a key ring design for assisting life-saving efforts

Care One

Patient Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensors and the Cloud

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