Industrial Materials, Nissha

Distinctive Film Processing Technology to Give Value to the Surface of Materials

Industrial Materials is a unique business segment that adds value to the surface of various materials. It is divided into two areas of business, "Decoration" and "High-function Packaging Materials". Nissha Group possesses extensive experience in IMD and IML, which facilitates simultaneous molding and printing of plastic products, is extensively adopted in automotive interior components, home appliances, and smartphones in global markets. Also, our Metallized paper, which unites the properties of superior metallic luster and printing friendliness, has the largest market share in the industry as a packaging material for beverages and foods on a global basis.
As an expert in the field of materials, we also operate material library, "Material ConneXion Tokyo".




Surface Decorating technology using films to adds functions and designs to the resin products with 3D geometries. Majorly used to the interior and exterior of automobiles and home appliances

Transfer Foil

Transfer technology that performs high-definition gravure printing
on the surface of a wide variety of products

High-function Packaging Materials

Metallized Paper

Excellent printability and style for wide use in labels and packaging of beverage, food, and consumer products
*AR Metallizing Group(Nissha Group) operates the metallized paper business

Material Library and Consulting

Material ConneXion Tokyo

Operating Material ConneXion Tokyo and provides consultation services


Process Engineering -Industrial Materials-

Introduction of Elemental Technologies of Industrial Materials Business, which is the basis of product development

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