Patterned Vinyl Floor Tiles (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

This flooring material is both extremely durable and comes in a wide variety of designs.


Ever since we opened a production facility in Malaysia back in 1995, our Industrial Materials business has been expanding, while retaining firm roots in the Southeast Asian region. At present, we have sales routes in automotive, home electronics, and the building materials markets.
This is a region with rapidly-growing economies, and with the rapidly expanding market for building supplies, we can expect to see increased demand for products that emphasize design.
We are fusing our core technologies of printing, coating, laminating, molding, and patterning with our extrusion molding technology to enhance the availability of building materials that are both beautiful and functional, contributing to making your living environments even better.

Production Explanation

Our Luxury Vinyl Tile (“LVT”) is produced through laminating five layers, each with its own function, in a single process.

  1. UV Coating: Scratch & dirt resistance ,easy to clean , prevent fading & discolouration.
  2. Wear Layer: Vinyl clear layer protects against harder damage, such as rips and tears.
  3. Decorative Pattern: High resolution printed film with the realism of natural wood and marble patterns.
  4. PVC Layers Base Sheet: Provides dimensional stability and solidity of the overall LVT.
  5. PVC Layers Balance Sheet: Provides structure stability and even installation.

Main Features and Merits

  • Uses natural textures to recreate wood grain or marble patterns, creating stylish atmospheres.
  • Virtually no shrinkage, expansion, or warping cause by the layered structure and temperature changes.
  • Superior durability, wear resistance, and chemical resistance.
  • Waterproof and impermeable.
  • A wide range of choices of elegant designs in modern patterns and beautiful colors.
  • Easy to lay, they can be attached directly to a range of hard floors, including ceramic tiles, marble, cement, or wood.
  • Prevents termites.


We have about forty designs in our LVT lineup, allowing us to offer the ideal flooring material for your location and the look you want to achieve. We can also customize tiles through digital printing or cutting.
Examples of wood grain designs

LVT design example

LVT design example

LVT design example

Example of marble pattern designs

LVT design example

LVT design example

LVT design example


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