3D Dye Sublimation

Capabilities of High-Mix Small-Lot Production, Transfer on Complex 3D Shape, and Reproduction of High Definition Design

Decorating Techniques Allowing Your Customization

3D Dye sublimation

The 3D Dye Sublimation transfer is a solution to decoration with the capability of transfers on complicated 3D shapes and high-mix small-lot production that have been hard to be realized in the conventional IMD method. Use of inkjet printing allows not only high-mix small-lot production but also reproduction of high definition photographic quality design. Due to no need of molds with special specifications, you can customize your products of which molds are being made.


Technology Highlights

First, print the particular transfer film using an inkjet printer. Set the transfer film on the base materials*, then heat and vacuum.
This makes the vaporized ink penetrate the base materials and sublimation printing is finished.

*Polycarbonate resins are recommended. Other materials(resins, glasses or metals) are negotiable.

Key Features

1. Suitable for small lots and various graphic artwork
2. Excellent feasibility for 3D surface decoration
3. High resolution full color printing by Inkjet printer.
4. Decoration for various materials* 
5. Suitable for quick-turnaround, special edition design and manufacturing
6. Aids inventory management via JIT production.
7. Mass production available in Nissha (Kunshan) Precision IMD Mold Co., Ltd.(China) and Japan.

*Polycarbonate resins are recommended. Other materials(resins, glasses or metals) are negotiable.


IT, electronics, home appliances, beauty/health-care equipment, medical equipment, housing equipment, cosmetic packages, stationeries, etc.


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