Information and Communication

Broad-scope, Optimum data/Communication solutions

In the Information and Communication segment, we offer its customers a wide range of professional products and services such as publication printing, commercial printing, sales promotion and web solution thereby assisting a host of marketing strategies and communication strateies relating to advertising and sales promotion. We also offer Cultural Asset Art Solutions.

*Nissha Printing Communications, Inc. operates the Information and Communication business of Nissha Co., Ltd.

General Printing

We are providing high printing quality cultivated
based on the art printing for all printed materials

Art Solutions / Digital Archives

Offering solutions to pass on precious cultural assets to
the next generation and utilize them

Fabric Printing

The service offers a fresh medium for expressing
the customer’s attractive graphic designs

Sales Promotion

Total support for effective promotion,
acutely recognizing the times and needs

Creative Design

High-quality and creative services support your
communication activities in a reliable manner

Web Solution

Accelerating business with IT utilization and
communication technologies

3D Dye Sublimation

Capabilities of High-Mix Small-Lot Production, Transfer on
Complex 3D Shape, and Reproduction of High Definition Design

Marketing Solution

Bridging "Customers" and "Consumer"
provide support for marketing activities

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