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Total support for effective promotion,
acutely recognizing the times and needs of users

With the ever increasing diversification of values and lifestyles, we are now in an era where it is impossible to expect sufficient results from integrated promotions. Nissha Group gives total support for promotions which will be effective and leave a lasting impression, with planning which extends to the latent needs of the general consumers, and by using the highly accurate representation and processing technologies only possible at a printing company.

Nissha Sales Promotion

Products and Services Case

"Product display for the store"

We produced a display enhancing the charm of the product of the customer to the maximum. Various invention such as design, materials, the structure represents the view of the world of the brand and the image of the product.

Panasonic Corporation "Eco Navi 3D rally! Find the hidden images!"

Eco Navi 3D rally! Nissha Sales Promotion sample

The planning and production of a campaign deployed in major volume retailers around Japan to promote household electrical appliances. The events, which were very popular with general consumers, involved participants wearing 3D glasses and responding to quiz questions as they moved around the stores.

Various novelty goods

 We design, plan and develop highly original premium goods which combine both steady quality and low costs.

POP Express Service

“POP Express Service” is an on-demand production and delivery service that enables customers to order in-store promotional tools via the internet. Similar to shopping over the internet, you can order in-store promotional tools from your personal page. Our around-the-clock operation enables quick delivery within two days, at the earliest, after order placement and output to various types of POP, such as boards, cards, and swing displays, based on our extensive experience in in-store POP production.
Furthermore, you can specify the type and quantity of POP as well as the shipping address to suit your needs.


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