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We developed AR(augmented reality)application
which can display rich contents such as moving images and detailed information



Thanks to the rapid spread of smart phones and tablet devices, the AR promotion with which we can instinctively understand the features of products and services as if they existed in the real world is receiving attention as a new communication method for people.
We have developed and released an AR (augmented reality) application "Cazasmart" which can display rich contents such as moving images and detailed information superimposedly by holding (cazasu, in Japanese) the built-in camera of a smart phone or tablet device over an image printed on a booklet, leaflet, poster, etc.
The "Cazasmart" is a free application compatible with iPhones, iPads and Android devices. It is possible to display various AR contents such as moving images, sounds, 3D models and still images by holding a smart phone or tablet device over printed materials. In addition, it is expected to improve the effect of promotion because the Cazasmart is equipped with a linking function for campaign sites and EC sites, posting function for Facebook and Twitter, etc.

Key Features

Markerless AR
• Unlike the marker type AR and digital watermark, the markerless AR does not require special designs for AR recognition in producing printed materials. It is possible to add the AR function to already published printed materials afterward and replace contents which appear for a limited time.

Inexpensive and possible to start immediately
• The "Cazasmart" distributed for free on the App Store and Google Play does not require time and cost for developing a dedicated application. If there are contents appearing or sites to be linked, it is possible to start the service immediately and inexpensively.
[Service delivery price]
Initial cost: 300,000 yen or more
Operating cost: 10,000 yen/1 target/1 month (production cost for contents appearing is not included)

One-stop service
• It is easy to introduce the AR promotion because Nissha Group provides a one-stop service including planning of promotion, production of AR contents appearing, server operation management and production of printed materials.

Cazasmart logo

Cazasmart logo

POPKIT to Print

Service that can print orders for POP directly from the application in cooperation with the free POP making application "POPKIT™"

"POPKIT to Print" is in collaboration with Japan's first POP-making application "POPKIT" provided by Rainbird,inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: East Satomi, hereinafter referred to as Rainbird) It is a service that seamlessly prints orders from POPKIT.
* According to Rainbird September 2018
* POPKIT is registered trademark of Rainbird.

With POPKIT, it is easy for anyone to make POP with high quality just by combining the POP of a shop, which has been taking time and effort with personal computers and hand drawing, etc., with POP parts created by professional creators.
Up to now, POP created with POPKIT has no choice other than outputting at a store printer, etc. There were certain restrictions on print size and quality. POPKIT to Print allows you to print POPs made with POPKIT even in large formats like posters.
In addition to the simplicity of making POP, we realized a print order with easy operation to shop at EC site. Expertise on data submission is unnecessary.
You can meet the needs such as wanting to print POP created with POPKIT in a large size, want to print beautifully, want to print multiple sheets, and so on.

Key Features

· Easily print order of POP made with application "POPKIT"
· High-quality printing utilizing printing technology cultivated over many years
· No need for expert knowledge, Order OK with online shopping sensation
· Supports up to B2 size (515 × 728 mm)
· Deliver the ordered poster to the designated place by courier


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