Rescue Guide

CPR voice guide with buzzer for life saving and crime prevention



When a person collapses from cardiac arrest, it’s very important to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) immediately to raise the chances of survival. Rescue Guide was developed with the hope of eliminating emergencies that lead to death because bystanders could not perform life-saving CPR.
With the simple press of a button, Rescue Guide emits a blinking light to signal the timing of chest compressions, and a built-in voice guide talks rescuers through the appropriate procedure, helping to keep the person alive until the arrival of an ambulance or automated external defibrillator (AED).

* Rescue Guide was developed jointly by Kyutaro Kawagishi, associate professor at the International University of Health and Welfare; Seiji Masumo, vice representative director of the Japan EMT School Association and special adviser to the International Medical and Welfare College; and Nissha under the supervision of the AED Foundation of Japan.
* The voice guide complies with the Japan Resuscitation Council (JRC) Resuscitation Guidelines 2015.
* This product is not a medical device.


• Portable key ring design can be attached to a bag handle
• Center button indicates the appropriate location for administering chest compressions
• When the button is pressed, a voice guide talks rescuers through the CPR procedure
• During CPR guidance, a blinking light (100–120 blinks/minute) signals the timing of chest compressions
• After CPR guidance, the voice guide’s “Thank you” provides psychological care for rescuers
• Buzzer at bottom of device also functions as a location indicator in a disaster or emergency, and as an alarm for crime prevention
• Visual design may be customized to display artwork or advertisement (see Optional below for examples)

Instructions for Use

1. CPR voice guide

Press the button in the center of the device to start the blinking light, rhythmic beeping sound, and voice guide.
Follow the voice guide and perform CPR.
The rhythmic beeping and blinking light signal the timing of chest compressions.
Press the button again to stop the signals. The voice guide will thank rescuers for their life-saving efforts.

2. Buzzer for life saving and crime prevention

Pull the ring at the bottom of the device to start the buzzer. Press the ring in to stop.
Use the buzzer to call for rescue or to signal an emergency.


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