Social Media Policies

Nissha Group provides Social Media Policies for administration of official Facebook account and in case of using social media as an individual, we adhere to the policies.

Basic Policy

We understand the Mission, Shared Values, Guideline of the Corporate Ethics and Compliance, and the content of the Corporate Ethics and Code of Conduct as determined by Nissha Group, and will adhere to them.
Furthermore, when engaging in social media activity either as an individual or as a work duty, we will adhere to the items laid out below.

Mind set for social media usage

  • We will keep in mind the fact that information sent on a social media network travels across national borders, and is freely accessible to the general public.
  • We understand that once information is sent by social media, it can never be completed deleted.

Global laws and social ethics, adherence to company rules, and the protection of information

  • We will not send information that breaks laws or social ethics, and we will not infringe on third party copyrights, portrait rights, trademarks or other rights, nor endanger personal information.
  • When sending information we will not use abusive expressions with negative or unpleasant connotations, or use expressions that could be misinterpreted. In particular, content that relates to nationality, politics, religion, belief, race or similar is very sensitive for individuals and must be treated with extra care.
  • We will take a global viewpoint, and adhere to relevant laws and company rules. Further, we understand that comments that are appropriate in some countries can be inappropriate or illegal in other countries.
  • No matter what the circumstance, we will not post confidential information relating to Nissha Group or its stakeholders on social media. Even if privacy settings are set to "secret" or similar, we will not post such information since the social media operators cannot ensure secrecy.

When using social media as an individual

  • Even when posting as individuals, we will keep in mind that we could be judged as a company, and that we are constantly being observed, and we will act responsibly.
  • We will strive to listen to what others are saying.
  • When posting information relating to Nissha Group, we will make our identities clear, and also make plain the fact that the information is not an official release by the company.
  • We will not use any company logo or trademark.

When participating in social media as a commissioned job

Occasionally we, as part of our duties, use a customer's official account to manage social media activity. When engaging in this duty, these policies will be adhered to. Further, when outsourcing is necessary, we will observe and ensure that these policies are adhered to in the same manner.

Administration of our official Facebook account

  • Not all postings via official Facebook account will necessarily be expressive of Nissha's official announcements and statements of opinions. Official announcements and statements of opinion are made via Nissha's corporate website, news releases, and the like.
  • We adhere to the social media policies at the official Facebook account.
  • Please confirm the Communication Guidelines of a Nissha Group about the details of administration.

SNS Facebook
URL (Japanese only)
Object Nissha provides a variety of information relating to our business activities, products and other relevant information.
  • Please note that Nissha is not obligated to respond to all the comments, postings or messages to this Page. Please bear it in mind.
  • Please visit and use the Inquiries on the Nissha's website if you would like to inquire about us and our products, and state your opinions.
January 1, 2013
Nissha Co., Ltd.

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