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Patient-friendly Medical Devices Created by Nissha’s Processing Technology
ーMedical Technology Businessー

“We want patients to receive treatment and get on the path to recovery as soon as possible. Is there any way our medical devices can help make that happen?” That was the thinking behind the development of our Vermed® Claravue product under our Vermed® brand of medical devices by our Medical Technologies business unit. We visited medical sites many times to address their challenges and developed the product by making continual improvements.

Vermed Claravue®, New ECG Electrode Reduces Burden on Medical Providers

Vermed Claravue® is a lead attaching ECG electrode featuring a new shape that was redesigned for speedier testing and monitoring in acute medical care and other such settings. In December 2018, sales were launched in Japan. Demand is increasing in France, the United States, and the United Kingdom where sales had already been launched.


There is often a complicated array of cables and leadwires placed around the patient when performing tests using catheters, surgeries, and other procedures. Vermed Claravue® unifies leadwires to reduce tangling and uses different colors for each electrode signifying where they go to simplify the attachment process. These features shorten preparation times for testing and surgery and alleviate stress for medical practitioners and patients, thereby contributing to smoother catheter tests.

Simplification of work with unification of leadwires

Simplification of work with unification of leadwires

Different colors indicate electrode positioning

Different colors indicate electrode positioning

Medical Technologies Business Expected to Grow

The Medical Technologies business, one of our four current businesses, is being expanded in the medical devices market, which is expected to undergo steady growth on a global basis, against a backdrop that includes an aging society and the spread of preventive care. It is the newest of our four businesses, but it enjoys the highest level of growth. Our business plan has it accounting for around 13% of overall Nissha Group sales in the fiscal year ending December 2019.


We aim to enhance our distinctive product line in this business by expanding our product design, development, and other capabilities in order to respond widely to customer needs in the health care industry. In addition to contracted manufacturing of medical devices such as surgical instruments and medical electrodes for major medical devices manufacturers primarily in Europe and the United States, we have our own brand called “Vermed®.” Our target is acute medical care in the field of heart disease, which is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. We also focus on medical consumables, which are closely related to Nissha’s core technologies such as printing, lamination, molding, and patterning.


There is increasing demand in the medical devices market for products and technologies to address the current trend toward minimally invasive treatments. For example, in treatments using catheters, which are effective for minimally invasive treatment, improved operability of equipment is required to achieve a high level of treatment, and innovation is necessary for the built-in mechanisms. We believe that Nissha’s core technologies will be useful for solving challenges of minimally invasive treatments because they can contribute to the shift to electronic devices in medical equipment and miniaturizing and reducing the weight of products.

Product Development Leveraging Feedback from Medical Practices

In order to provide truly useful products, it is important to ascertain the needs of medical practices and reflect them in product design and development. In December 2018, we participated in a medical devices learning program for catheter treatment organized jointly by a non-profit organization and medical institution in the State of New York in the United States. This non-profit organization provides detailed training programs to companies on the use of medical devices for vascular diseases based on its mission to accelerate development of next-generation technology in vascular treatment among physicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, and industrial circles, which are key opinion leaders. Through our participation in this program, we were able to ascertain more practical needs related to diagnosis and intervention procedures for cardiac electrophysiologic studies (EPS) and recognize the challenges for developing current and next-generation equipment.


This initiative of supporting innovation of treatments for heart disease by obtaining feedback directly from medical practices is symbolic of our corporate stance of aiming for manufacturing that is useful to society. By supporting advancement of medical technology through the development of products that address the needs of medical practices, the Medical Technologies business aims to improve patient quality of life and continue contributing to the enrichment of people’s lifestyles.

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