Industrial Materials, Nissha

Flexible Design, Multi-Functionality, Greater Business Scope

Nissha Group is well equipped to explore the future and Impression Materials to create all new and exciting products. By using our innovative technology, we create products that are not only visually appealing but also have enhanced surface functionality.
Nissha Group possesses extensive experience in IMD and IML, which facilitates simultaneous molding and printing of plastic products, is extensively adopted in automotive interior components, home appliances, and smartphones in global markets. Also, our Metallized paper, which unites the properties of superior metallic luster and printing friendliness, has the largest market share in the industry as a packaging material for beverages and foods on a global basis. As an expert in the field of materials, we also operate material library, "Material ConneXion Tokyo".


Implementation of sophisticated graphics on resin products with 3D geometries. Nissha Group's IMD and IML attracts interests from designers around the world

Printing Related Materials -Metallized Paper

Excellent printability and style for wide use in labels and packaging of
beverage, food, and consumer products

Heat Transfer Foil

The origin for all of our decoration technologies. It possible
to perform high-definition gravure printing on the surfaces

3D Dye Sublimation

Capabilities of High-Mix Small-Lot Production, Transfer on
Complex 3D Shape, and Reproduction of High Definition Design

Transfer to Various Materials

Transfer technology for metal,
glass and 3D products

Material Library and Consulting

Operating Material ConneXion Tokyo and
provides consultation services

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