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Junya Suzuki

Nissha is a forward thinking company. Our mission is to provide the society with cultural and economical value through the products and services based on printing technology as our core technology. This proactive approach means that the strong message from Naoki Suzuki has been inherited through time as he asserted at our founding in 1929 "We pursue high quality photographic printing no others can compete with, as anybody can be just a type-set printer."

We have taken notice that many aspects of our social life are comprised of "color" "design" and "function", thus enabling us to fulfill these market needs by providing unique solutions not only in the traditional General Printing segment but also in the Industrial Material, the Devices and the Life Innovation business segment.
In addition to expanding our printing technologies, in future we plan to acquire new core technologies and expand our business domains.

Nissha aims to be a company that can contribute to society through our business activities. Nissha's brand statement "Empowering Your Vision" expresses the relationship of Co-existence between Nissha and our stakeholders. Both we and our customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and society have visions, and we mutually affect each other toward realizing it. We maximize our capabilities driven by our technology, passion, and leadership, and with the energy infused in us by our stakeholders, together create value for the future.

Nissha is implementing the first year of the Fifth Medium-term business plan (three-year plan). While our immediate target is to achieve the goal through reorganizing our business portfolio with a focus on growth fields is crucial to achieving this plan.To sustain growth Nissha will accelerate outlining and executing action items, aimed at creating new business segments with our unique technology as well as maximizing the competency of employees who holds a key to our success. Nissha wishes to be, and continues to be a company that keeps moving forward into the future.

We greatly appreciate your guidance and encouragement.

Junya Suzuki
President and CEO
Chairman of the Board

Junya Suzuki

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