Human Resources Development

We at Nissha Group believe our employees are our most important management resources. We work to develop human resources based on our Human Resources Development Policy.

Human Resources Development Policy

We implement a planned development of human resources needed for the company to grow and actively support our employees in the voluntary development of their skills with the aim of achieving growth for both the company and our employees.

Approach to Human Resources Development

We at Nissha Group approach human resources development from the three areas of planned human resource development, skill development, and career development. For each area, we aim to promote comprehensive education incorporating the perspectives of training system, on-the-job training (OJT), medium- to long-term career path development, and human resource systems to support these programs.

Human Resources Development Model

Planned human resource development
Implement planned development to foster and secure the human resources needed to achieve the management vision. (e.g., growth strategy, business continuity, creation of corporate culture)

Skill development
Individual employees voluntarily develop their skills and increase their market value.
→The company supports this and thereby enhances the quality of its human resources.

Career development
Support medium- to long-term career development and promote growth toward employees’ ideals. (Provide opportunities to recognize the importance of and pursue career development.)

Training System (Major Programs by Area)

Area Training
Planned human resource development Nissha Academy (selective training for next-generation management candidates), rank-specific training, manager training, overseas appointee training, etc.
Skill development Theme-specific training (leadership, logical thinking, presentation, etc.), foreign language training, accounting education, in-house TOEIC testing, correspondence course, etc.
Career development Education for young employees (first, second, and third years of joining Nissha Group), career development training, etc.

Training System Model

Training System Model

Selective Human Resource Development

In 2013, we established Nissha Academy, an in-house institute for fostering human resources with more advanced, specialized knowledge. While we continue to expand on our rank-specific, theme-specific, and career design training programs, Nissha Academy employs a selective system to provide training.

Nissha Academy comprises a Business School, which provides knowledge and skills in the proposal and execution of management strategies including accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources to foster leaders capable of company and business oversight; a Management of Technology (MOT) School, which develops leaders capable of linking technology with management to create new business; and a Monozukuri School, which produces leaders capable of taking a strategic, scientific approach to “monozukuri,” or manufacturing, and translating management strategies into reality. The three schools open in rotation each year, with fiscal year 2017 being the turn of the Business School. Graduates of each school are given opportunities to practice what they have learned through involvement in projects and the drafting of medium-term business plans, for a consistent human resources development program that integrates all three areas of planned human resource development, skill development, and career development.

As a gateway to Nissha Academy, in fiscal year 2016, we launched business literacy training, a short-term intensive selective program covering the basics of themes such as management, accounting, and marketing. This program also goes beyond inputting knowledge to featuring practical contents, where participants apply what they have learned to analyze the current situation of their company and discuss its challenges through group work and the creation of individual reports.

Programs to Promote Diversity

We are working to realize the Diversity and Inclusion cited in the set of Shared Values that forms  Nissha Philosophy. In fiscal year 2017, we organized training for all managerial staff themed around the expansion of women’s participation in business. This provided the opportunity for managers to understand the social background and necessity of as well as Nissha’s activities in promoting diversity and women’s advancement in the workplace, and to think about the role and empowerment of women in their respective divisions. In fiscal year 2018, we plan to expand the program to general women employees.

Programs to Support Employees’ Will to Learn and Grow

In addition to compulsory rank-specific education programs for general employees to managerial staff, we have introduced a voluntary “challenge program” for employees aiming for promotion to the highest ranks of the general employment level. Developed in line with our personnel system’s objective of enabling employees to select their own career path, the program provides opportunities to learn about leadership for employees with the will to step up in their career.

We also offer many open-call training courses, which employees may sign up for in line with their choice of personal development theme. Examples are courses designed to foster universal business skills such as logical thinking and presentation, and to develop linguistic skills required of employees of a global company. Our correspondence courses and self-learning programs via Skype support voluntary learning by covering half the price of subsequent courses for graduates.

Training Programs in Fiscal Year 2017

The total number of hours dedicated to major training programs in the Nissha Group in Japan and training hours per employee (by gender) in fiscal year 2017 are given in the table below.

  Male Female Total
Annual training hours 17,605 7,609 25,214
Training hours per employee* 9.25 17.86 10.82

*Hours are calculated based on the number of full-time employees of the Nissha Group in Japan.

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