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*On October 6, 2017, we changed our trade name from Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. to Nissha Co., Ltd. Former trade name is contained in the documents which desclosured or issued before the change of the trade name.

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It is recommended to view the website of Nissha Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called as "Site") by any one of the browsers shown below. Use of an environment that does not conform to the recommendations or settings for your web browser can make it impossible to use this Site or may result in improper displays.

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* For customers who use browsers other than the recommendations
The Site is programmed in accordance with web standards (XHTML + CSS design).
If you use a browser of any version which is not compatible with CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), the display may be distorted or viewing may become impossible. Accordingly, we have a presetting that CSS is not enabled when the Site is viewed with any browser earlier than the versions above.
Please note that the Site design may not be displayed correctly due to the above setting but all contents can be viewed.

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Requests in Use

Use of JavaScript

The Site uses JavaScript to allow convenient use of the Site. If JavaScript is disabled on your web browser, the contents (images and texts) may not properly function and/or pages may not be displayable. Please enable JavaScript before viewing the Site.

Style Sheets

The Site uses style sheets. If style sheets are disabled on your web browser, the contents may not be displayed properly. Please enable style sheets in your browser setting before viewing the Site.

Information on discontinued use of SSL 3.0

This website blocks SSL 3.0 because a security vulnerability in SSL 3.0 was discovered that the information from the encrypted communications may be leaked to third parties. As a result of disabling SSL 3.0, some of our website pages may not be displayed correctly depending on your browser setting. This website supports TLS, the newer version of SSL 3.0, which is not affected by the vulnerability, so we recommend the use of TLS to view our website.

Setting procedure:
1. Click [Tools] → [Internet options].
2. Click [Internet options] → [Advanced] tab.
3. Go to [Security] and uncheck the [Use SSL 3.0] checkbox. Check the [Use TLS 1.0], [Use TLS 1.1] and [Use TLS 1.2] checkboxes.
4. Click [OK].
5. Restart Internet Explorer. (Close all the open browser screens and restart.)


The Site offers new information in RSS format. You can rapidly access the latest Site articles and view information of interest by using an RSS reader or compatible browser.

In order to receive RSS feeds, please register with your feed RSS reader from the following link:
Many RSS readers and RSS compatible browsers are available on the Internet for your use. This Site does not provide an RSS reader itself. Please note that we cannot answer any questions concerning use of RSS or any questions or inquiries concerning the software provided by third parties and its functions. 

Use of SSL (encryption communication)

On the Site, we offer encryption communication by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to ensure secure communication of the data requiring protection such as customer personal information. Information between the web server on the Site and your browser in use is protected by SSL technology.

Inquiries about this Site

For any unclear points or problems about this Site, please communicate them from "Contact"


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