Management Plan (Long-term, Medium-term)

Sustainability Vision

Our Mission is to use the diverse talents of our people and our Core Technologies as an engine for growth to create highly competitive, feature-rich products and services that offer value to customers and contribute to better lives for all.

Guided by this Mission, we have established Sustainability Vision as our long-term vision for 2030. It says we will contribute to people’s healthy and affluent lives, through we enhance and upgrade our values contributing medical, mobility and sustainable materials markets. We aim for annual sales of JPY 300 billion and ROE 15% while we set out for 20% reduction of total CO2 emissions, in view of carbon-neutral by 2050.

Social value

  • Realize the enrichment of people’s lives by enhancing values in priority markets
  • Reduce total CO2 emissions by 20%

Economic value

Sustainability Vision

The 7th Medium-term Business Plan

We made a start of the 7th Medium-term Business Plan in January 2021.
It sets our medium-term strategy for the 3 years from 2021, reflecting backwards the Sustainability Vision for 2030.

The 7th Medium-term Business Plan

Under the 7th Medium-term Business Plan, we aim to construct a foundation for growth by fully utilizing the global business bases we have acquired and built so far and maximizing their synergies. In the markets of Medical Devices, Mobility, and Sustainable Materials, our goal is to achieve growth by expanding product lineups that will solve social issues. In the IT devices market, we will enhance profitability and efficiency against the downturn trend in the product demand.

Medium-term Vision (qualitative)
”Establish a foundation for growth through global synergies acceleration”

Medium-term Vision

Medium-term Vision (quantitative)*


9% or more

Operating cash flows, three-year cumulative

(Millions of JPY)


Net sales

(Millions of JPY)


Operating profit

(Millions of JPY)

*Mid-term Vision (quantitative) is not a business forecast.

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