Delivering solutions to challege in the medical field

Medical Technologies

 Nissha offers a wide range of products and services for the medical market.

Design & Manufacturing

We are the trusted partner in the Design and Manufacturing of single use medical technologies. Our streamlined process combines decades of experience to deliver high quality medical products. We leverage innovative technologies across our global footprint of unique capabilities to efficiently meet our Customer’s demanding specifications and timelines.

Healthcare Solutions

We manufacture and distribute high quality Patient Monitoring and Medical Surgical Consumables direct to Hospitals and Clinical Centers of Excellence. Our dedicated direct sales and customer service teams bring these solutions to market in North America, Europe and Japan. Additionally, we extend our global reach to service over 60 countries through our Authorized Distributor Network.

Custom Labeled Products

Our Custom Labeled Products division brings together all our capabilities. With our experience in Design & Manufacturing and a unique portfolio of Patient Monitoring and Medical Surgical Consumables, many of our products are available for private label. With an eye for quality and a focus on cost, we quickly brand and launch these consumables as if they were your own.

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