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Global Headquarters (Kyoto, Japan)

Global Headquarters (Kyoto, Japan)

We are a future oriented company that contributes to the realization of rich lives of people through various products and services.
Nissha’s Touch Sensors  lead the way in touch input technology today, our surface decoration technology can change the looks from plastic to wood, we manufacture medical devices. Nissha progress technologies since our founder started business in 1929.
We maximize our capabilities driven by our technology, passion, and leadership to create value for the future.

Developing the 4 business area

Nissha Group is developing the 4 business segments of "Industrial Materials" ,"Devices" ,"Medical Technologies" and "Information and Communication". We handle decorative films and printing related materials field comprising "IMD, IML" and "Metallized Paper" as the main products in our Industrial Materials business, and the touch input device "FineTouch" series and Gas Sensors in our Devices business. In our Medical Technologies business, we handle medical devices and consumable products globally and the Information and Communication business, we provide printing media and a wide range of services that support general communication strategies, on a one-stop basis.

*"IMD" and "IML" are registered trademark or a trademark of Nissha Co., Ltd.
* Nissha's Touch Sensor "FineTouch" is a registered trademark or a trademark of Nissha Co., Ltd.

* Nissha Printing Communications, Inc. operates the Information and Communication business of Nissha Co., Ltd.

Sales breakdown by business field

Nissha Sales breakdown by business field for FY2018 (ended December 31, 2018)

Globally Trusted Technology

Nissha Group's technology is highly regarded not only by customers in Japan, but throughout the world. Nissha Group products are customized for each and every product provided to our customers. Our business would not be viable without the trust of our customers.
Nissha Group's way of carrying out business is to work near to our customers throughout the world in a way that answers our customers' needs. Overseas sales have vastly surpassed domestic sales.

Sales breakdown by Overseas vs. Domestic

Nissha Sales breakdown by overseas vs. domestic for FY2018.12

Industrial Materials

IMD and IML, the technology to transfer both function and design on surfaces

IMD for Automotive Interior

IMD for Automotive Interior

The major products of our Industrial Materials Business are IMD and IML, which apply a range of functions and designs on products as they are formed, by enveloping them in a special transfer film during plastic injection molding. The richness of design expression that IMD and IML bring, its functional strengths such as its ability to withstand scratches or fingerprints, and its simple production process are why  IMD and IML are held in such high regard around the world, where it is used on a wide range of everyday plastic products that include automobile interior parts, consumer electronics, and smartphones.

IMD and IML use not just transfer foil printing technology but mold technology, injection molding technology, and a range of others, making the Industrial Materials Business unique in possessing so many of these technologies. Our products will evolve to meet future market trends and the needs of customers around the world as we develop new printing techniques. In addition, acquiring a wide range of technologies, not just limiting to printing ones, will allow us to provide a diverse range of products and services to our customers.

*"IMD" and "IML" are registered trademark or a trademark of Nissha Co., Ltd.

Used in the following ways

Automotive interior, Smartphone, Consumer electronics, Cosmetics, Stationery and Housing equipment, etc.

"Electric Toothbrush (Doltz)" "Shaver (3 Blades)" 
Panasonic Corporation Products

Vacuum Cleaner Cover Panel 
Electrolux "Ergothree"
Industrial Equipment Smartphone Back Cover
Sharp Corporation "Aquos S2"

IMD's unique mechanisms

IMD is a "printing" technology that allows images to be attached to three-dimensional plastic. How are we able to attach images to something that isn't flat?


IMD Nissha image

Nissha Group’s Metallized paper is used in products by approximately 300 companies in 80 countries

Metallized paper Nissha image

Metallized paper is a special paper with a metallic layer vacuum deposited on the surface for decorative effect. With the appearance of metal but the properties of paper, such as biodegradability, metallized paper is garnering interest as an excellent material for environment-friendly packaging.
Nissha Group’s metallized paper is used widely in the labels and packaging of beverage, food, and consumer products by approximately 300 companies in 80 countries.


Revolutionizing Sensing Technology

Nissha Fine Touch

Nissha's FineTouch leads the way in touch input technology. This technology is used in today's mobile phones, as well as in gaming and digital devices all over the world, and continues to open doors to exciting new possibilities in a long list of industries and technologies. With an eye toward future trends in the market, we are pushing the boundaries of touch-input functionality to create advanced sensing devices of superior quality. Our developments in this area include a force sensor that can detect the slightest touch with a high degree of accuracy, and a flexible transmission antenna. We are committed to supplying our customers with Flexible and Smart Devices that change the way the world works and plays.
We also handle innovative Gas Sensors technology and systems combining Sensors with Wireless Technology.

* FineTouch is a Nissha's Touch Sensor with outstanding accuracy and functionality.
* FineTouch is a registered trademark or a trademark of Nissha Co., Ltd.

Used in the following ways

Nissha makes small-to-medium-sized transparent Touch Sensors. These are largely supplied for use in smartphones, tablets and portable games gears. Touch Sensors have gained attention for their "usability" and "fun operation". Applications are gradually spreading to a variety of other devices. We are aiming to expanding into a wide range of businesses by providing devices, services, and systems with sensing functions in addition to Touch Sensors . These will be targeted at a range of markets, including Medical Devices and Health Care, Agriculture, Education, Housing Equipment, Industrial Equipment, and Automobiles.
Mobile gaming gear "Nintendo Switch" Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Mobile Robotic Phone

"RoBoHoN" Sharp Corporation
*RoBoHoN is a trademark of  Sharp Corporation

Mobile Gaming Gear
"Nintendo SwitchTM" Nintendo Co., Ltd.
*Nintendo Switch is a trademark of
 Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Industrial Equipment 
"TC8000/TC51/TC56" Touch Computer Series
Zebra Technologies, Inc.

The force sensor

Nissha force sensor

The force sensor is a touch sensor that detects the force of pressure (patent acquired). By identifying changes in pressure and the area covered as well as the position touched, it enables subtle input control and can reproduce even calligraphy-style brushstrokes. Applications are as diverse as ideas. The next-generation touch sensor promises broad use in a wide range of industries.

Gas Sensors

Nissha gas sensors

Our gas sensor business, led by Nissha Group company Nissha FIS, Inc., offers semiconductor gas sensors and applied equipment such as modules and finished products.
Along with expanding into home fuel cell systems and hydrogen stations and similar infrastructure, rather than being limited to fuel cell vehicles, we are further accelerating specific initiatives to create new business fields such as for medicine or POCT.


Used in the following ways
Sensors for gas alarms, Sensors for air purifiers and air conditioners, Breath alcohol checkers for the prevention of drunk driving (finished product), Halitosis analyzers (finished product), Hydrogen Detectors,etc.

Medical Technologies

Contributing to Healthy and Enriched Life

Nissha image

Medical Technologies aims to contribute to safe, secure, and healthy life through business activities in the fields of medical devices business. We manufacture and sell  own brand products to medical institutions, while also providing contract manufacturing services for major medical device manufacturers globally.

Medical Devices Brand ーVermedー

Direct to Hospital Consumables and Devices

Vermed manufactures and provides dependable, high quality and easy to use consumable medical products such as electrodes, medical chart paper and medical surgical devices to service hospitals in the North and Central America and Europe.

Medical Devices Contract Manufacturing ーBiomedical Innovationsー

Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Biomedical Innovations is the leading contract manufacturer for innovative concept or established medical product. We design, rapid prototype and manufacture. The products are wearables, surgical instrument, etc.

Information and Communication

Innovating Business Through Communication Design

Nissha Group identifies and clarifies the customers issues in communication strategies and designs communication policies to solve those issues. Nissha Group has a wide range of products and solution development expertise, including for Commercial Printing, Publication Printing, Sales Promotions, Web Solutions, Creative Design and Art Solutions. We aim to improve value for customers by making full use of our products and services.

* Nissha Printing Communications, Inc. operates the Information and Communication business of Nissha Co., Ltd.

Information and Communication Nissha image

Information and Communication Nissha image

Information and Communication Nissha image

Service example

AR application "Cazasmart"
We have developed and released an AR (augmented reality) application "Cazasmart" which can display rich contents such as moving images and detailed information superimposedly by holding (cazasu, in Japanese) the built-in camera of a smart phone or tablet device over an image printed on a booklet, leaflet, poster, etc.

 AR application

We also contribute to the preservation of important cultural assets for future generations

Nissha Group has had a close relationship to works of art and cultural assets through its printing activities. We are also involved in passing down cultural assets to future generations by utilizing our experience in the restoration and digital archiving through ultra-precision digital photography.

Information and Communication Nissha image

Information and Communication Nissha image

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