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Developing 3 businesses in a global basis

Composition of Sales by Business

Composition of Sales by Business

Composition of Sales in Domestic and Overseas

Composition of Sales in Domestic and Overseas

Industrial Materials

We mainly offer proprietary technologies that enable to create added value on the surfaces of various materials. IMD, IML, and IME, which facilitate simultaneous In-mold Decoration, design and function adding of plastic products, are extensively adopted in mobility components and home appliances in global markets. Also, our metallized paper, which unites the properties of metallic luster and printing friendliness, has the largest market share in the industry as sustainable materials for beverages and foods on a global basis.



We produce components and module products that pursue precision and functionality. Our main products, Film-based Touch Sensors are widely adopted mainly in smartphones, tablets, portable game players, industrial equipment (logistics related), mobility components, etc. in global markets. In addition, we offer gas sensors that can detect gas conditions, along with other products.


Main Products and Services

Medical Technologies

We offer high-quality and value-added products in medical devices and other related markets to contribute to healthy and affluent life. The segment currently provides contract development and manufacturing services for major medical device manufacturers on a global basis with products such as surgical instruments for minimal invasive treatments and medical wearable sensors used for a wide range of conditions, primarily heart disease. In addition to this, the segment manufactures and sells its own brand products to medical institutions.



In addition to the above 3 businesses, we are developing various businesses such as Information and Communication, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics.

Information and Communication

We focus on the fields such as publication printing and art solution, where we can make the most of our high-definition and high-quality tone reproduction capabilities, and also offer commercial printing and services related to sales promotion.

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics

We aim to contribute to the development of medical and beauty through special dosage forms development based on our unique formulation and manufacturing technology.

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