Priority Issues

  • Solutions to medical issues
  • Safe and comfortable mobility
  • Respect for human rights
  • Empowerment of diverse human resources, development of global and managerial human resources
Nissha Group will contribute to solving global social issues in fields such as medical and mobility by combining and fusing a diverse technologies and human resource capabilities.

In the medical field, we work in contract design and manufacturing services for major medical device manufacturers on a global basis, focusing on surgical devices for minimal invasive treatments and patient monitoring devices, as well as manufacturing and selling own brand products to medical institutions. In order to provide responsible medical products and services, we are also strengthening our systems for compliance and safety.

In the mobility field, we are expanding and upgrading our products, especially in the areas of user interfaces and sensing, seeing what is happening in CASE and sustainability as a business opportunity.

Nissha Group believes that our employees are our most important management resource, and respects the diversity and human rights of them while also working to systematically develop our human resources. In terms of diversity, we will focus on gender in particular, and aim to bring the ratio of female managerial staff to the same level as the ratio of female among all employees. From the perspective of human resources development, we provide a full training system and challenging growth opportunities as a way to realize our medium- to long-term growth strategies.

Furthermore, through communication with our various stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and society, we aim to understand and live up to society’s demands and expectations.

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