Core Technologies

Our Core Technologies Generate Distinctive Products and Provide Values into Diverse Markets

Nissha’s Core Technologies - Constant Transformation, Evolution and Expansion -

Nissha is always expanding the core technologies while integrating technical elements such as "Laminating", "Coating", " Molding" into the printing technology which we cultivated since the foundation of the company, and the fields of business through the diversification of products, the target markets and the advance to the global market.

The current core technologies are comprised of "Printing", "Coating", "Laminating", " Molding" and " Patterning".
Nissha will continue to expand and evolve in future by adopting new technologies and materials.

Products utilizing Core Technologies

Major Product &
Core Technologies
Printing Coating Laminating Molding Patterning
Transfer Foil - -
- - - -
Touch Sensor -
Force Sensor -
Medical Surgical Devices - - - -
Medical Electrodes - -
Publication and Commercial Printing -

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