Priority Issues

  • Promotion of a circular economy
  • Responses to climate change
The Nissha Group, as a member of the global society, aims for sustainable corporate growth and a sustainable society through environmentally conscious corporate activities.

In terms of creating business opportunities, we offer environmentally-friendly sustainable materials, under the “Nissha ecosense” brand, using mainly plant-based materials instead of petroleum-based plastics.

In terms of risk reduction, we are aiming to achieve a 30% reduction in total CO2 emissions in 2030 (versus 2020) with a view to carbon-neutral by 2050, and are promoting initiatives such as reducing power consumption and introducing renewable energy.

We publicly endorsed the recommendations made by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Information Disclosures (TCFD) in January 2022. We have analyzed the financial impact of risks and opportunities related to climate change on our business based on the framework of the TCFD recommendations, and we reported them in our Sustainability Report.

In addition to addressing climate change, we have been deepening communication with stakeholders, promoting the circular economy through our business activities, and operating and continuously working to improve our environmental management system aiming to reduce not only our own environmental impact but also that of our entire supply chain.

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