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Our film-based capacitive-type touch sensor is thin and light, while providing high visibility and narrow frames. It has been widely adopted in applications for smartphones, tablet devices, mobility (automotive), portable game players, and industrial equipment across global markets etc.

Smartphone Film-based Touch Sensor

Smartphone Film-based Touch Sensor

Control Panel for Automobile

Control Panel for Automobile

Introducing features of touch sensors (touch screens).Our touch sensors meet various customer needs with 30+ years of experience.
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Key Features

  1. Using film as a base material, it is thinner and lighter than glass sensors so that there is no worry of cracking even if dropped.
  2. Same level on transparency and price as glass sensor.
  3. A wide range of sizes, from smartphones to automotive control panels.
  4. Not only flat panel, curved designs are possible by taking advantages of the characteristics of film.
  5. The Photolithography Process can realize the narrow frame as of glass sensors.

Basic Principle and Structures


The basic structure of the resistive-type touch sensor consists of two sheets of electrode film on which transparent conducting layers are coated. A slight gap is provided between the two films. When the upper film is pushed with a finger or a stylus pen, the film deflects and the two transparent conducting layers contact each other, then electric current flows into the lower film. The pushed position can be identified by reading out that location. The roles of the micro spacers are prevention from unnecessary contact of two electrode films, and adjustment of the input pressure by its density, etc.

Structures of Capacitive-type Touch Sensor

Structures of Capacitive-type Touch Sensor

Basic Principle

The electrostatic capacitance between X and Y electrodes changes when fingers touch on that area, and the touched position is detected.

Service System

We can offer not only the sensor alone, but also as the modules that is affixed to cover parts etc. We also flexibly respond with the patterns and configuration designs that match sensor chips selected by customers.
Product Form Appearance Application
Smartphone /
+FPC Module
Home Appliance
+Cover Module
Car Navigation
+LCD Module
Handy Terminal/

Target Markets

Nissha’s touch sensors can be applied for products in various markets. Depending on the product application, we also provide the resistive-type touch sensor that features outstanding durability and exact sensing, and as well as simpler touch sensors with printing process.

Curve shaped Large Touch Sensor

For the mobility market, we provide curve shaped large touch sensors to meet the next-generation design needs of automobiles. Please contact us for the details.  


  • Superior optical properties matching to OLED piano black displays
  • Curved shape up to Min 100mmR
  • Ultra-wide up to Max 1000mm
  • Achieved automotive application requirements

Touchless touch sensor

We are developing a touch sensor for "hover input", which enables input technology without touching the display. It can be used in various applications such as from medical market to digital signage.


  • Detecting changes in capacitance allows input without touching the display.

    (Distance between fingertip and sensor: approx. 50 mm)

Learn more about Touchless touch sensor
> Website for Customers
Learn more about Touchless touch sensor
> Website for Customers


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