Information and Communication


Information and Communication

Nissha Printing Communications. Inc., a Nissha Company, operates Information and Communication business, a founding business of Nissha. We offer a variety of products and services such as publication and commercial printing, high-definition digital archive photography, and fabric printing by making use of on the highly accurate, high-quality color reproduction capabilities which we cultivated.

Key Features

  • Based on our extensive experience working with art and cultural properties, we can offer high-quality art printing that utilizes our advanced color management system.
  • We have a subsidiary, Nissha F8, Inc., that specializes in photography. It can handle everything from photographing art or cultural properties to drone photography.
  • In addition to paper, we can also print onto fabrics, using our high-definition printing technologies.

Products and Services

Publication and Commercial Printing

Publication and Commercial Printing

Publication: We can provide printing with the high-quality cultivated through our art printing, including photo albums, exhibition catalogues, picture books, and coffee table books.
Commercial: We can offer a range of promotional tools such as company profiles, as well as catalogues, calendars, and so on.
We also offer high-quality, digital printing through our NDP (Nissha Digital Printing) brand for small lots and large format printing.

*NDP is a registered trademark or a trademark of Nissha Co., Ltd..

High-definition digital archive photography

High-definition digital archive photography

Our photography system, developed in-house, along with our wealth of experience in the photography of National Treasures and cultural properties, allows us to offer ultra-high-definition digital archive photography at the highest level in the world.
We can also digitize post-photography images as "rich content" such as VR.

Fabric Printing

We offer products printed with visuals on fabrics through our Fabright brand, making use of our high-definition printing technology.
In addition to being used as fabric for wallpaper or clothing, they can be combined with LED backlight to use as illuminated sign and lighting for medical facilities.

*Fabright is a registered trademark or a trademark of Nissha Co., Ltd..


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