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Decorative Film and Molded Parts are offered under an integrated brand “SurfaceWorks.” We provide with diverse value by adding a variety of designs on surfaces of molded parts, as well as combination of various functions such as touch sensor or hidden-lit*.

*Design that allows lights from light sources or digital display attached behind decorative molded parts to pass through only when the light is on.

Products and Services


In-mold Decoration technology using film which allows curved parts to get decorative and functional layers on product surface.


IME (In-mold Electronics) is a module product which integrates touch sensors, light source heater, etc. into a plastic panel.

Transfer Foil

Transfer process can allow various material get high quality decoration on top surface. The substrate such as plastics, glasses, and metals is possible for adding decoration.


Our global molding capability enables to provide molded parts to customers in world wide.

CMF Design Sample Book

We produce Design Sample Books based on the latest design trends and Nissha’s technology.


Our project management can support from beginning to end.
We support from design proposal, product development and to the production launching.

CMF Design

We have professional in-house design: CMF team. Our long-experienced designers can propose a design tailored to the customer's product concept.
※ CMF means Color, Material, Finish.

  • Trend Research
  • Concept Making
  • Product Design
  • CMF Design
  • Communication Design

Introducing various cases that can be realized by combining designs and technologies.
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Nissha Design&CMF
Design & CMF Group creates a CMF Design Sample Book based on the latest design trends and Nissha’s technology.

Please click here for the details about CMF Design Sample Book.

Proposal of the Optimal Decoration Process

Nissha has “IMD·IML”, which mold and decorate plastics simultaneously, and "Transfer foil", which adds design to molded parts.We propose the most suitable decoration process to realize a superior design and function that matches the material, shape, size, etc., of the customer’s product parts.

Project Management

For each project, Nissha’s project managers support all phases of development from concept study to prototyping, EVT, DVT, PVT build stage, and mass production.

Global Manufacturing Network

Now Nissha owns 10 factories in 7 countries and can propose best supply chain solution for any industries.


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