Privacy Policy

Compliance with Laws

  • With respect to handling of personal information, the Company complies with laws and respects social ethics by recognizing the importance of personal information protection.

Acquisition of Personal Information

  • The Company acquires personal information by means that are legal and fair.
  • When accepting entrustment of the handling of personal information, the Company pays close attention not to impair social confidence in our customers.

Use of Personal Information

  • The Company uses personal information within the scope of purposes of use only to the extent necessary to conduct its business.
  • When jointly using personal information with a third party or entrusting a third party with handling of personal information, the Company strictly examines the relevant party and properly supervises the party to maintain confidentiality.

Management of Personal Information

  • The Company maintains the accuracy of personal information and ensures its safe management.
  • The Company takes adequate security measures against unauthorized access, computer viruses, etc., in order to prevent loss, destruction, alteration and/or leakage of personal information.

Disclosure, Correction, Cease of Use and Deletion of Personal Information

  • The Company acknowledges that the subject (i.e. specific individual identified by particular personal information) has the right to make a request for disclosure, correction, cease of use, and deletion of his/her own information in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations and will immediately respond to such request.

Organization and System

  • The Company appoints an information security administrator to implement an adequate control over personal information.
  • The Company offers training with regard to protection and appropriate management method for personal information to its officials and employees to ensure that personal information is properly handled in their daily activities.

Established on June 28, 2007

Junya Suzuki

President and CEO,
Chairman of the Board
Nissha Co., Ltd.

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