Promotion Framework for Sustainability

Nissha has established a Sustainability Committee, chaired by the President and CEO with the Senior Executive Vice President (ESG Promotion) as the Vice-Chair. This committee is composed of business organizations, divisions, and the Task Force related to the themes of creating business opportunities, risk reduction, strengthening management foundation, and corporate governance, and which all work in concert with each other.

The Task Force has been established to address the themes of Human capital enhancement, Respect for human rights, and Responding to climate change. These are particularly considered in need of promotion from an ESG perspective, and the Task Force is responsible for accelerating activities for each of these at Nissha.

The Sustainability Committee holds a general assembly once per year, in which it authorizes the key performance indicators (KPI) and action items set by the main related business organizations, divisions, and the Task Force based on the materialities determined through resolutions at the Board of Directors. In addition, monthly business reviews and quarterly progress confirmation meetings are held to confirm whether or not the set KPIs and action items are progressing as planned. Each business organization, division, and the Task Force oversee the management of respective strategy items, KPIs, and action items.



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