Nissha Group Sustainability

Nissha Group views sustainability as an initiative toward the achievement of sustainable growth and development for both the company and society. To that end, it is important for us to view social issues as business opportunities and continue to provide products and services that help resolve them by leveraging our strengths. At the same time, it is essential to promote risk reduction by strengthening the management foundation that supports business activities and build management systems to fulfill social responsibility. Through these activities, we generate the economic and social value professed in the Nissha Mission, which states that we realize the enrichment of people's lives.

Currently, the group is executing our Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan, a three-year program focused on growth through organization and optimization of our business portfolio. This plan defines mobility (automotive and transport equipment), medical devices, and sustainable packaging materials, as target markets in addition to our mainstay consumer electronics (IT) business. These are markets in which we expect stable and sustainable growth and where clusters of social issue-based needs are present. The group views these social issues as business opportunities, and aims to grow and develop with society by resolving them through businesses where we make use of our strengths.

At the same time, we are working to identify and reduce environmental and social risks in business activities centered on target markets, with productivity reforms by full use of IT technologies. Through these activities, we aim to be a company that is selected and valued by our customers and other stakeholders.

In this way, we believe that the Nissha Group sustainability is to promote both the creation of business opportunities and the risk reduction, and to achieve sustainable growth and development of both the company and society.

Nissha Group Sustainability

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