Nissha Eimo Technologies

Nissha Eimo Technologies

  • Industrial Materials
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Business Outline Production and sales of mold processed products in the Industrial Materials Business
Address 14320 Portage Road, Vicksburg, MI 49097-0905, U.S.A.
TEL +1 269 649 5000
FAX +1 269 649 3427

Company Profile

Nissha Eimo Technologies has a wide range of resources available at our, or rather, your disposal. What this means is no matter how complicated, sophisticated, or process intensive your product may be, we have the means necessary to accomplish the task of taking your product design or idea and making it happen.
Our range of resources include:
Decorative and other Value Added processes, to achieve the exact look and texture you desire.
Tooling, for getting the design of your choice ready to go to production.
Molding, for the actual production rollout.
Assembly, for the assembling of multifaceted products.
  • Established : December, 2007
  • Ownership : Nissha USA, Inc. (100%)
  • Director / CEO : Gary Hallam

Business Divisions

Automotive Business Division

Decorating technology and materials for interior trims and components
  • Decorating Technology

Medical and Consumer Healthcare Division

Production and assembly of value added medical and consumer healthcare components


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